Westwood [KRS One Studio Guest] – Capital Rap Show 2 December 1988 [REMASTERED]

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Usually, a first play of the Fast Rap anthem Wrath of Kane and a World Premiere of Self Destruction would suffice for a bugged out tape to satisfy the soul. But this doozy from 1988 is just goosebumps from beginning to end, and one of my most cherished cassettes. You can stream here.

My favorite segment coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the Wild Style movie getting released. KRS gets excited about hearing the Wild Style Soundtrack receive some airplay as part of the ‘Revival Showcase’. Tim plays Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie and the Blastmaster can’t hide his Rapture’s Delight explaining that hearing an old school jam of any type of a radio station was a rarity; ‘It’s fresh to hear a radio station play it’… ‘In New York you don’t ever ever get to hear that’ !

Alongside Ms Melodie, KRS answers questions on several subjects, and listening back in 2023 to conversations from 1988, this tape might have some heads turning. One of my favourite elements is how he talks about how, compared to the days of the Cold Crush and the Fantastic Freaks, even in 1988, how the Rap industry has ‘become more of a mainstream situation’. He adopts the theory that ‘It evolved to something a lot better’ and that ‘MCs have become more glittery’….Looking at the industry today, the prescience is staggeringly accurate.

He talks about the conflict within the Rap industry in New York and has some less than complimentary comments about his ongoing differences with Mr Magic. He talks about his upcoming LP Ghetto Music [originally titled Poor People’s Music], and plays a cut that never made it to the finished LP and was never released Nah Go Commercial. He discusses the vicious circle of homelessness and tells Westwood that ‘The UK is fresh’, but then has some questionable views about how to stop violence in clubs [By supplying security with 9mms]…. :] :] :]

…and of course there’s the Self Destruction Mastermix which gets an exclusive airplay with KRS proclaiming ‘FIRST TIME EVER HEARD IN THE WORLD’ !!!! The ‘Black Steel’ is in abundance with classics from Grandmaster Caz, Don Baron Turski, a few BDP classics as well as ‘street bootleg Treat Her Like a Professional’ from Slick Rick !?!

Big Daddy Kane – Wrath of Kane
Mic Break
Boogie Down Productions – I’m Still #1 [Numero Uno Re-Recording]
Mic Break – KRS Interview
Boogie Down Productions – Jack of Spades
Mic Break – KRS Interview
Grandmaster Caz – I’m Caz
Black Rock N Ron – Stop The World
Mic Break – KRS Interview
Boogie Down Productions – Nah Go Commercial
Mic Break – KRS Interview
Don Baron – Action
Mic Break – KRS Interview
Gig Guide
Stop The Violence Movement – Self Destruction
Steady B Featuring Blastmaster KRS One – Serious [Ceereeus BDP Remix]
Mic Break – KRS Interview
Slick Rick – Treat Her Like A Prostitute
Fantastic Freaks – Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie
Mic Break – KRS Interview
Top Billin – Straight From The Soul
Mic Break – KRS Interview

HUMUNGANISCOUS PROPERS go out to Mister Wild Style Dayle Dickson down under, and to the owners of the other 2 tapes that made up this triple tape composite, Rob Gould and the mighty Justin Winks.

Weirdly, neither of the three of us pressed play and record on either Audio Two, Three Times Dope and MC Merlin. Other than those tracks, it’s pretty much a full show. For bonus novelty points, don’t miss the ITT Nokia ad voiced by the wonderful Alexei Sayle right at the very end.

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