Stu Allan – Bus Diss KEY103FM – 28 April 1989 [REMASTERED]

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Some classic tunes from Gang Starr, a King Tee [Remix and a B-Side], Public Enemy [B-Side Wins Again], Supreme DJ Nyborn and Stezo [Crazy Noise hadn’t even been released] as well as some great shouts to the provincial graff crews of the time. And D-Mob isn’t exactly classic Rap but it’s a toe-tapper for sure. Trumungous shouts to Lee from Runcorn and Mr [Tony] Spin who won a 12″ and cassingle that he’s still waiting for ! 


Gang Starr – Words I Manifest
Mic Break
D Mob – It Is Time To Get Funky
Mic Break
Stezo ID
Stezo – Jimmy’s Gettin’ Funky
Mic Break
King Tee – Act A Fool [Compton Mix]
Public Enemy – B Side Wins Again
Mic Break [Last weeks competition Winners]
Cookie Crew – Cmon and Get Some
Mic Break [Competition]
Sweet Tee – Let’s Dance
Stezo ID
King Tee – Can This Be Real
Mic Break
Spin Inn Hip-Hop Chart
Supreme DJ Nyborn – Rhymes From A Swift Mind [Instrumental]
Supreme DJ Nyborn – Rhymes From A Swift Mind
Mic Break

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