HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY PROPMASTER – 8 x Kool DJ Red Alert Kiss FM Shows 1986 – 1989 [REMASTERED]

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There are a bundle of 8 shows here, all from 98.7 Kiss FM [WRKS] in New York, they are the soundtrack to a generation. They are bestowed on our listeners to celebrate the 65th Birthday of Kool DJ Red Alert, unquestionably THE most important Hip-Hop radio DJ on the planet. AND he is of course, ‘The Koolest Legend’ because he is one of the most congenial and likable people in the culture.

There’s gonna be more music and less talk about him influencing a generation of kids into listening to the Flavor Unit, the Native Tongues or the BDP posse. We’ll stay quiet about his production work on Done By The Forces of Nature, the We Can Do This comps, and his bench work on Straight Out The Jungle. We’re not gonna debate his cameos in endless Rap videos, and were not even gonna allude to his perfect performances on Calling Mr. Welfare or JIMMY. Okay so yeah we’d enjoy nothing more than curating a deep dive into this pioneer’s work over the decades, but for now, a shallow dive will have to suffice, so we’re gonna bang our heads on the bottom of the pool, and concentrate on broadcasts from the Kiss FM era. You can download them all in high quality below or listen along as you stream, read the tracklistings or scan the ads for sentimental reasons. Nostalgic fun for all the family. Let us know what ya think on Twitter and Instagram.

DJ Red Alert Feat Buggsy WRKS Kiss FM – February 1986 [REMASTERED]
Just-Ice – Put that Record Back On
Undercover Lovers – Fake Fly Guys
Fred Munao ID
Super Kids – The Tragedy [Don’t Do It]
LL Cool J – I Can Give You More
High Fidelity Three Featuring Sarah Dash – Satisfaction
Mantronix – Fresh Is The Beat
LL Cool J – Dear Yvette
Talk Break/ Weather – Fred Buggsy Buggs
Dana Dane – Nightmares
Stet – Just Say Stet
Wayne & Charlie – Party Right
Talk Break/ Dedications – Fred Buggsy Buggs
Glamour Girls Feat Craig G – Oh Veronica
DJ Red Alert – Kool DJ Red Alert King of the Mix 86 Sting
DJ Red Alert Goes Berserk ID
Roxanne Shanté Feat Biz – The Def Fresh Crew
Mantronix – Hardcore Hip-Hop
Talk Break/ Dedications – Fred Buggsy Buggs & Prince Messiah taking calls
LL Cool J – Rock the Bells
Jimmy Spicer – Money [Dollar Bill Y’all]
Schoolly D – PSK
Kurtis Blow – AJ Is Cool
Pretty Ricky & Boo-Ski – It’s Mine
Mic Break
Charlie Brown & The C.B. Girls – You Can Make It
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus [Ultimate Super-Dance-Remix]
Fresh Force Crew – Rock Me
DBL Crew – Bust It
King Rad & King Stevo – Get Smart

DJ Red Alert Feat Johnny Allen WRKS Kiss FM – February 1987 [REMASTERED]
Kool G Rap – DJ Red Alert Promo
Kool G Rap – Rhyme Time
Kings of Pressure – You Know How to Reach Us
Ice T – Pimpin Aint Easy
Mic Break with Johnny Allen
Weekend Revue with Al Jarreau
Pepsi Black Cowboys with David Bowie & Tina Turner
Disorderlies Movie Trailer with The Fat Boys
Spooners at Burger King
Burger Bundles at Burger King
Kraft Real Mayonnaise
Colt 45 with Billy Dee Williams
Mic Break with Johnny Allen
BDP – Dope Beat
MC Mitchski – DJ Red Alert is a Great Man
BDP – Criminal Minded
Audio 2 – Top Billin
Jungle Brothers – Jimbrowski
Talk Break with Johnny Allen
BZ2 MC’s – We’re Troopers
Black Rock n Ron – That’s How im Livin
Nice & Smooth – Skill Trade
Big Daddy Kane – Just Rhymin WIth Biz
Cool Cee – Juice Crew Dis
Salt N Pepa – Tramp
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud – Do The James
Melle Mel & Scorpio – DJ Red Alert Promo
Busy Bee – Suicide
Ultramagnetic MCs – DJ Red Alert Promo [Bait]

DJ Red Alert Feat Jerry Young WRKS Kiss FM Mastermix Dance Party – July/ August 1987 [REMASTERED]

Eric B & Rakim – My Melody
Fred Munao – Red Alert Goes Berserk ID
BDP – Criminal Minded
Audio Two – Top Billin
Jungle Brothers – Jimbrowski
Latee – No Tricks Instrumental
Violaters ID
Public Enemy ID
Jungle Brothers ID
Mic Break
Weekend Review
Action Park [Pepsi Miami Sound Machine]
Miller Lite
Milk [American Dairy Association]
Avia Basketball Shoes [Johnny Dawkins 850 / Kevin Willis 870]
Melle Mel & Scorpio Promo
Salt N Pepa – Tramp
Dana Dane – Dana Dame With Fame
Unknown ID [OJ Rons Rangers ???????????]
Ice T – Pimpin Aint Easy
Public Enemy ID
DJ Red Alert & The Violators ID
Black Rock N Ron – That’s How Im Livin
D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice
Big Daddy Kane – Somethin Funky
Big Daddy Kane – Just Rhymin’ With Biz
Cool C – Juice Crew Dis
Mic Break
Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 40Oz Bottle
Mandy Shops Labor Day
Trojan Unintended Pregnancy
Max Headroom Coca Cola
Mic Break
MC Serch Feat K Love & Tony D – Beware Of The Death
Steady B – Don’t Disturb This Groove
Shirt Kings ID
Derek B – Rock The Beat
Jungle Brothers ID
Shirt Kings ID
Derek B – Rock The Beat
Robert S – Big Words
Kool Chip Featuring Toni Smith – Jazz It Up [Dub]
Mic Break
Avia 850 Basketball Shoes [Johnny Dawkins]
Olde English 800
Milk [American Dairy Association]
Cant Buy Me Love Movie
Stakeout Movie

DJ Red Alert Feat Jeff Foxx WRKS Kiss FM – March 1988 [REMASTERED]
MC Mitchski – Use A Condom
MC Lyte – 10% Dis
Eric B & Rakim – Move The Crowd [Wild Bunch Remix]
De La Soul – Plug Tunin
Antionette – Hit Em WIth This
BDP – Super Hoe #4
BDP – My Philosophy
Biz Markie – Vapors
Mic Break
Salt N Pepa at Madison Square Garden
Exposé Live in Westbury
Colt 45
Lustrasilk Right On Curl Activator
Heart Throbs
Mic Break
JVC Force – Strong Island
Alliance – Bustin Loose

DJ Red Alert Featuring Jeff Foxx WRKS Kiss FM – 17 December 1988 [REMASTERED]
Spoonie Gee – Yum Yum
KRS We Rule ID
Kool DJ Red Alert Straight for 88 ID
JC Lodge – Telephone Love
Shelly Thunder – Kuff
Slick Rick – Teenage Love
Jungle Brothers – Im Gonna Do Ya
Queen Latifah – Wrath Of My Madness
45 King Special ID
Fred Munao ID
De La Soul – Potholes In My Lawn
2 Much / MC Almond Joy ID
2 Much – Wild Thing
BDP – I’m Still #1 [Extended Remix]
Eric B & Rakim – Microphone Fiend [Extended Remix]
Cash Money & Marvelous – Find An Ugly Woman
Latee – No Tricks
Mic Break
T La Rock – You Got The Time
Busy Bee – Express [Remix]
Doug E. Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew – Cut That Zero
Sugar Bear – Ready To Penetrate
Kool DJ Red Alert Blowin It Up ID
Big Daddy Kane – I’ll Take You There
MC Sugar Ray And Stranger D – Knock Em Out Sugar Ray
Jungle Brothers ID
ESP – Wild Thing
45 King & Fab 5 Freddy ID
Jungle Brothers – Straight Out the Jungle
Jungle Brothers – In Time
Steady B Feat KRS One – Serious [Ceereeus BDP Remix]
MDS Production – Because I’m A Pro
Mic Break
Salt N Pepa – Everybody
Chris Rock Yo Mutha ID
Salt N Pepa ID
Salt N Pepa – Get Up Everybody
Super Lover Cee – I Gotta Good Thing
BDP – I’m Still #1 [Numero Uno Re-Recording]
Slick Rick – Children’s Story
K-9 Posse – Ain’t Nothin To It [Dance Remix]
Public Enemy – Night of the Living Baseheads
Extra Curricular – Go With The Flow [Curricular Club Mix]
Kid N Play – Gittin Funky
Ms Melodie – It’s Fresh Cause Ms Melodie Made It! [Original Mix]
BDP – Jack of Spades
Ultramagnetic MCs – Ease Back
Kev-E-Kev & AK-B – Keep On Doin
Mic Break

DJ Red Alert Featuring Bobby Gailes WRKS Kiss FM – December 1988 [REMASTERED]
ESP – Wild Thing
Jungle Brothers – Straight Out The Jungle
Protected Promo
Steady B Feat KRS One – Serious [Ceereeus BDP Remix]
Heavy D Turn Your Radio Up ID
Mic Break
Latee – No Tricks [Instrumental]
Iona College, New Rochelle
Coors Extra Gold Draft
Keith Sweat & Karyn White Concert
MDS Production – Because I’m A Pro
Black Rock N Ron – Gettin Large
Blastmaster KRS One Down With Us Promo
BDP – I’m Still #1 [Numero Uno Re-Recording]
Slick Rick – Children’s Story
K-9 Posse – Ain’t Nothin To It [Dance Remix]
One Ninety Stay Frosty ID
45 King Feat Markey Fresh – King Is Here!
45 King Special ID
Clark Kent ID
Kool D Feat Technolo-G – Go to Work
Bobby Simmons ID
Stet – Talkin All That Jazz
Ms Melodie – Unknown
BDP – Jack of Spades
Ultramagnetic MCs – Ease Back
Ice T – Im Your Pusher
Kurtis Blow – Rappin

DJ Red Alert Feat Jeff Foxx and Diane King WRKS Kiss FM – August 1989 [REMASTERED]
Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator
Soul II Soul – Keep On Movin
Ultra Space Shuttle ID
Jason Williams ID
Supreme Nyborn Red Alert Promo
DJ Red Alert is Blowin It Up
Special Ed – I Got It Made
SpuggaSpuggaSpecialEd ID
BDP – Why Is That ?
DJ Danny Dan And The Female Dream – Sneaky Beat
DJ Danny Dan And The Female Dream ID
Poor Righteous Teachers – Time To Say Peace
MC Almond Joy & Shirt Kings ID
LL Cool J – Big Ole Butt
Mic Break
Colt 45 Johnny Kemp
IONA College New Rochelle
Mic Break / Ms Melodie
DJ Red Alert We Get Large ID
Too Poetic – God Made Me Funky
Mic Break / D Nice
Kwame – The Rhythm
Betty Crocker Brownies
Jungle Brothers & Chubb Rock Concert
Mic Break / Diane King
Chill Rob G – Court Is Now In Session
Three Times Dope – Funky Dividends
The Foxx That Rocks The Box ID
Soul II Soul – Jazzies’ Groove
Stezo – Bring The Horns
Antoinette – Shake Rattle & Roll
Nice & Smooth ID
Nice & Smooth – Early to Rise
Supreme DJ Nyborn – Versatility [Remix]
Apache – I Feel Like Flowing
45 King Special ID
JVC Force – DJ Red Alert Promo
X-Clan Protected ID
Breeze – LA Posse
Public Enemy ID
45 King & Markey Fresh ID
Public Enemy – Fight The Power
De La Soul – Change in Speak
Jungle Brothers Along With The Bloods From A Tribe Kalled Quest – Promo No. 2
A Tribe Called Quest – Description Of A Fool
Chubb Rock – Ya Bad Chubbs
Mic Break

DJ Red Alert featuring Diane King WRKS Kiss FM – December 1989 [REMASTERED]
Boogie Boys – A Fly Girl
Mic Break [W/ Wendy Williams]
Lou Rawls Parade of Stars
Alka Seltzer
Public Enemy NYE Concert
Mic Break
Earth Wind & Fire – Brazilian Rhyme
DJ Red Alert If Your System is Weak ID
Rappin’ Duke – Rappin’ Duke
Bob James – Nautilus
Run DMC – Rock The House
Run DMC – Rock Box
Fantasy Three – It’s Your Rock
Fred Munao ID
Chill Will ID
Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde – AM PM
Mantronix – Fresh is the Beat
Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word
Kurtis Blow – AJ Scratch
Spoonie Gee – Spoonin Rap
Fearless Four – Problems of the World
Fearless Four – Rockin It
Bad Boys Feat K Love – Bad Boys
Real Roxanne – Bang Zoom
Fresh Gordon – Gordy’s Groove
Mic Break
Stephanie Mills Concert [on 26th]
Mazda MX6
Public Enemy NYE Concert
Mic Break
Jimmy Spicer – Money [Dollar Bill Y’all]
Doug E Fresh – The Show
Traecherous Three – Heartbeat
Freedom – Get Up & Dance
Disco Dave – High Power Rap

There aren’t many Hip-Hop luminaries over the age of 65 that are still active within the industry today, and I think the only septuagenarian actually creating music is the endlessly inventive Steinski. But you can witness the prescience Uncle Red had back then in this short article from Soul Underground Magazine interview from the UK. Red has a subtle dig at Marley ‘down the dial’ by reminding the audience that ‘pulling fancy tricks’ on air won’t help if ya wanted to play the clubs. And here we are in 2021, and who is still rockin’ the clubs ? You guessed it…….No Duck Alert here! Postcards to the usual address if you know of any Hip-Hop pioneers over 65 still making noise in 2021.

NB: The February 88 [Actually 1987] show had been shared in the past but I noticed that the file was a bit skippy so it’s been carefully restored.

Huge propers to Johnny Juice and the Mighty Most Frosty Johnnie Freeze in NY and Jason Armitage [Dr.J/ Roots Foward Records] in Canada.

Photo Credits: DJ Mark the 45 King, Janette Beckman, Normski, Oliver Lim and Edwin SHIRT KING PHADE Sacasa.

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