Westwood – Capital Rap Show Feat Ice T Interview – October 1988 [REMASTERED]

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This recording features a composite of 2 shows from 2 tapes I have from October 1988. Both are from The Legendary Capital Rap Show. This time we have UK pioneer Tim Westwood interviewing the legendary ‘rhyme boss of the Syndicate alliance’ Ice T, in the UK to promote the Power LP. It captures the golden era of Rap broadcasting in all its compressed FM glory. Tapes like this were hood holdings, something that artists, DJs, producers and heads outside the UK fiended for back then, in much the same way as British industry insiders and consumers were jonesing to hear the iconic sounds of DJs like Red Alert and Mr Magic from NY.  Sought after for over 3 decades were happy to share this and celebrate one of the most decent men in Hip-Hop.

Ice-T, in the studios of Capital Radio alongside his DJ Evil E [who also gets on the mic] casually chats and covers a stack of subjects, he also declares ‘Rap really saved my life’. He talks about the movie due to open in London the following week Colors, he describes moving to Cali from Newark New Jersey after his parents passed away, and the importance of the people that gave him belief in his talent; The Prince of Charm, Afrika Islam and Grandmaster Caz amongst them. Defending his choice to carry guns on the new LP sleeve, he points out the hypocrisy of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and their arms purchases for supposedly peaceful gains. He explains that Def Jef was originally a Syndicate member before heading to work with the Dust Brothers at Delicious Vinyl. And Tim scrutinizes Ice by asking ‘Did you ever get hurt when you were in the gangs’ ? And naturally, the ambiguity and sophisms of sexism are discussed. Also, this might’ve been the first time Ice heard Hijack before signing them to Rhyme $yndicate.

The cassettes have been edited together from a slightly hissy tape courtesy of Rob Gould, and a crispy and balanced TDK SA90 of my own. It was recorded over a couple of weekends during a visit to London, and was pause-buttoned to avoid ads, wack tunes, and too much chat. To capture tracks that were simply bangers, and to catch some ‘spectacular, high grade vernacular’ from an interview with Ice.

The set opens with a super-duty heavyweight station ID from Chuck D and Flavor Flav, authenticating Westwoods’ position within the community. Naturally Tim immediately kicks off the show with a fail at the first hurdle. He plays the opening few bars of the first track before remembering that he has to play his signature ‘legendary’ KRS One opener promo. It’s at this point that we get down to business, a goose-bump inducing Evil Dead promo, some Floyd Pepper, and the grand incredible sounds of Ultras’ Ease Back, getting its first airing by the sounds of things. The year was coming to a close, one of the most important albums in Rap history had just dropped and was top of the Rap Report Chart, Ultramagnetic MCs Critical Beatdown [or, as you’ll note on the tape, Critical Breakdown]. Tim tripped his lips with numerous on-air fails over the years but it never doused the spirit of his cultural advocacy or the importance of the music he was playing. There are a few tracks off the iconic LP featured here.

‘If you can use a girl to sell toothpaste, I dont see anything wrong with using it to help sell an album’.

There are promos from the Fat Boys and Sir Drew [from UK innovators the Mighty Ethnicz], there are 2 sessions, one from the Troopers period Cold Crush Brothers, and Heavy D & The Boyz. The Hevster appears along with Trouble T-Roy & other various Boyz. DJ Eddie F drops some Bobby Byrd bonus beats while the Overweight Lover drops a few rhymes from the Barry Manilow themed We Write the Songs, as well as a few lines ‘off the top’.

UK Rap tracks by London Rhyme Syndicate, Outlaw Posse and Derek B get played. And after more unfortunate pause action, The Demon Boyz, as they ‘distress the rhythm’ with Vibes [including the famous Dario Argento intro dialogue]. The Capital Rap Reports are bursting at the seams with classic Rap gems including In Control Volume 1, 900 Number [The Sound of the Street], Sugar Bear, Night of the Living Baseheads and It Takes Two. Keep your ears peeled for some featured FAILS: Technolo-G is described as Techno Lock ?!! And world-famous Double Trouble MC Lil Rodney Cee is referred to as Roddy Cee ?!

Big shouts to Rob Gould !

Ultramagnetic MC’s – Ease Back
Ice T – Interview
Rhyme Syndicate – Comin Through
Ice T & Afrika Islam Zulu King ID
7A3 – That’s How We’re Livin
Ice T & DJ Evil E Interview
Cold Crush Brothers Session
Mic Break
Shinehead ID
Hijack – Hold No Hostage
Mic Break
7A3 – Express The Mind [World Premiere]
Ice T – Interview
MC Shan – I Pioneered This
Derek B – Who Dares Wins
Ice T & DJ Evil E Interview
Ice T – Take It Personal
Demon Boyz – Vibes
Capital Rap Report
Ice T – Interview
Def Jef – On the Real Tip
Spoonie Gee – The Godfather
7A3 – Coolin in Cali
Heavy D & The Boys – Freestyle Session
Doug E Fresh – Play This Only at Night
Outlaw Posse – Party
King Tee – Act a Fool
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Give The Drummer Some
Mic Break
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Aint It Good to Ya
Mic Break
Tone Loc – After Dark
Tone Loc – Cuttin Rhythms
7A3 – Drums of Steel
Kool D & Technolo-G – Now Dance
London Rhyme Syndicate – London Rhyme Syndicate
Mic Break
Capital Rap Report
Double Trouble – At The Amphitheatre
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Break North

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