Westwood Capital Rap Show – 11 November 1989 FULL SHOW [REMASTERED]

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Apart from a bunch pause of button edits and some RnB songs chopped out, this is a full Capital Rap Show from November 1989 [There’s an intro, a bunch of tunes and an outro. That’ll work for ‘full show’ for me LOLOL ] !!!

Hijack – The Badman Is Robbin’
Public Enemy – Welcome To The Terrordome
Jungle Brothers – Feelin Alright
Tribe Called Quest – Public Enemy
Lakim Shabazz – When A Wise Man Speaks
Taking Your Business – The New Thing
T La Rock – I’m Getting Mine
Masta Ace – Music Man
Jesse West – Renegade
3rd Bass – Gas Face
Too Nice – Cold Facts
Steady B – Analogy Of A Black Man
Chubb Rock – Stop that Train
Wrecks-N-Effect – Juicy
T La Rock – It’s Yours [Todd Terry Remix]
T La Rock – On a Warpath
Queen Latifah – Ladies First
Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet in El Segundo [WORLD PREMIERE]
Jungle Brothers – Beeds on a String
Kool Moe Dee British Knights ad
London Posse – Livin Pancoot
Salt N Pepa – Expression
T La Rock – Ya Pushin It

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