Westwood – 19 October 1996 FULL 3 HOUR SHOW Feat DJ Riz & Aaliyah in the 1FM Rap Show Studio [REMASTERED]

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In the UK for promo on his Shoot the Pump mix LP, the DJ that used to get shout-outs from Mr Magic and Kool DJ Red Alert, The White Whiz DJ Riz is the highlight of this show IMO. The Flip Squads’ finest justs destroys all manner of styles in this set that crosses all the era and genres of ill Hip-Hop and Rap. Crooklyn Clan member Riz is one of the tightest DJs ever and this set attests to that.

A 17 year old Aaliyah also appears on this rare full 3 hour show, available here remastered and available to download for the first time. She does her own freestyle version of No Diggedy and discusses a few subjects; Admiration and respect for Barbra Streisand [being the most unexpected], her new LP, she talks about her experiences in the industry, East Coast West Coast beef, she talks about shifting labels and speaks to people like ‘Charlene outta Acton’ on the phones.

I have to thank Scant Squad for the Mixcloud stream a few years back. I had paused this recording a few times, so this full show is only possible because of him. The gaps created by the pause edits and segues from when the tapes had to be turned round etc have been filled in from his recording. You’ll notice a difference in quality but only briefly. Thanks again fella !

Shouts to him, and to Bake City Bagels as ever.

For some background on Riz, check this interview – https://thecryptonline.com/v4/bladerunners-interviews-dj-riz/

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