Tim Westwood on LWR from April & September 1985 [REMASTERED]

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This show was kindly donated by a gentleman commonly referred to as the nicest guy in UK Hip-Hop. Head photographer [and ex-colleague] for Hip-Hop Connection Magazine, the longest running monthly periodical devoted entirely to Hip-Hop, all round Rap oracle Paul Hampartsoumian, AKA Paul H.

During the 80s, the pages of HHC were plastered with iconic images from Normski, but when the 90s came along, Pauls’ work would’ve unquestionably caught your eye. Whether it was a recognizable front cover, the VISUALS of the London club scene or pretty much every Rap gig that took place in the capital during the decade, Paul got a shot of it and it appeared in Hip-Hop Connection [Big shouts to our old editor Andy Cowan]

Coming in at almost 2 hours of Tim Westwood from 1985, we have to send a huge thank you to Paul for donating these two cassettes. This is gold school for any and all ageing b-boys, and anyone that tuned into pirate radio in the UK during the 80s.

The 1st tape is from April 1985 and the 2nd one was from 17 September 1985. Love him or loathe him, just listen to the sound of Tims voice and maybe you’ll get a better idea of where he started, how much he seemed to care, what he has done, and how much he has developed over the years.

With patter like ‘Live and Direct from the king discotheque/ The boogie down session continues live on 925/ the east coast sound attack, and brand new at the bbq, just for you, this is gold school Hip-Hop that is guaranteed to entertain [and hopefully have you in fits of laughter at the same time].

The music is good too, the full tracklisting is below but you’ll hear ‘jamdown’ tunes from Run DMC, BB Fresh, Jazzy D, Cutmaster DC, Master Gee, Craig G, Doug E Fresh and the Queen of Rox, Shante [Or as Timothy puts it, Roxanne Shanty. Did he think she was a sailor] ? There’s a brief interview with Bambaataa and a short live set from The Wag, featuring The Fat Boys, ‘all aged 17 but together they weigh 52 stone’.

There is a promo from Family Quest which you might not have heard in 35 years, there are incredible snapshots of the time with the events he talks about, and ads for clubs that Westwood & Chris Forbes used to rock together, like the Embassy and The Peoples Club. Apparently ‘It’s the boom’. Look out for the LWR ads for Car stickers, a roller skating session, a Soul & Reggae all-dayer and one which states that LWR DJs are available for functions.

There is a rare segment where Tim sympathetically announces the passing of an ex-LWR DJ, Jerry Floyd via the obituaries in the music papers. Floyd was an iconic DJ at London venues The Marquee, Vortex & The Wag during the 70s, and as it transpires, unbeknownst to him, Tim [as a teenager] had worked at The Camden Roundhouse at the same time, years previous. Compassion, kindheartedness and benevolence are on display during this segment, traits we don’t usually associate with The Big Dawg.

This really is a beautiful time capsule, so huge thanks again to Paul H for the donation, to Deejay Mek for an assist on the TL and HUMUNGANOID shouts to Dan Sawkins of the Bronx Boys Crew for the Zulu Message jones…

NB. This one goes out to all the Today Programme listeners. Because, oddly [Just after Z-3 MCs] you’ll hear Tim mentioning ‘Nick Robinson at 10pm’…

DJ Undercover Mix:
Badder than Evil – Hot Wheels
Captain Rock – Return of Captain Rock

Broadway ID
Mic Break
Roxanne Shante – Bite This
Clint Eastwood/ Kick the Bucket ID
Mic Break
Bambaataa – Funk You
Mic Break [Weird Hovis ad ID]
Hollis Crew ‎- It’s The Beat
Family Quest – Westwood ID
Run DMC – Here We Go [Live At The Funhouse]

Westwood & Chris Forbes – Peoples Club ‘It’s the boom’ [Over Rene & Angela – Secret Rendezvous]
LWR Merch

Gig Guide:
Thursdays – Peoples Club 10 – 6am !
Fridays – Embassy 10 – 3am
World Class Wreckin’ Cru – World Class Remix
Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick – The Show
World Class Wreckin’ Cru – World Class Remix [from Electro 9]
Mic Break
Master Gee – Do It
Mic Break
DJ Undercover Mix [Cutting over Electro 9]…
Papa Austin With The Great Peso – Wrong Girls To Play With
NYC Cutter – DJ Cuttin
Fab 5 Freddy – Change The Beat
Birdsong & The Dugout Boys – The Sucker MC’s
Hassan & 7/11 – Cold Rock Stuff
Craig G – Shout

LWR – Car Stickers
LWR – Rollin Skating Session
LWR – Soul & Reggae All-Dayer
LWR – LWR DJs available for functions

Craig G – Shout
Mic Break [Breakbeats list]
The Hawk – Alarm
Cutmaster DC – You Don’t Really Wanna Battle
Z3 MCs – Triple Threat
Mic Break
Afrika Bambaataa – Interview [History & Foundation]
Fat Boys – Human Beat Box [Live at The Wag]
Sweet Trio ‎– Fly Guy
BB Fresh – Flyguys
Jazzy D & DJ Unknown – Wack Girl

LWR – Soul & Reggae All-Dayer
Reggae Hits Vol2
LWR – Newsletter
Mic Break

Doctor Rocx Feat Kydd Freshh ‎– Takin It To The Floor
Run DMC – You Talk Too Much
Run DMC – Sucker MCs
Mic Break
Sparky Dee Vs The Playgirls ‎– The Battle
Mic Break
Mighty Mouth ‎- All Wrapped Out
Mic Break
James Brown – I’m Satisfied

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