DJ 279 & Big Ted – Friday Night Flavors Choice FM 3 Feb & 10 Feb 1995 [REMASTERED]

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PrintPrintFrom 25 years ago, and featuring some unreleased Showbiz & AG, with plenty of George Kay voice-overs for RnB shows in London, these are classic 1995 shows. It comes courtesy of my mate Andy and features the legendary number man DJ 279 and one of the funniest DJs in UK Hip-Hop, DJ Big Ted.  These radio rips come from shows recorded over 2 weekends.

279 plays tracks off the Showbiz & AG Goodfellas on cassette [Incl a version of Time For that never made it to the finished LP]. He drops cuts off Big Ls alblum from tape too [hence the not so crispy quality at the top of the show]. He plays freestyles from the Freestyle Frenzy Vol 2 LP, and a Sauce Money track with Jay-Z that didnt get a street date until two years later.  There are also tracks off New Jersey Drive Vol.2, some Masta Ace and plenty of cuts from the Nine LP

3 Feb 1995

Big L – All Black
Big L – Let ‘Em Have It “L”
Mr. Voodoo – Hemlock
Mic Break

DMC Championships
Wildlife Club Clapton
Crystals Club South Norwood
Aaron Hall Live
Gospel Show

Redman ID
O.C. & Organized Konfusion – You Won’t Go Far
Sauce Money & Jay-Z – Action
Oliver Samuels ID
World Renown – How Nice I Am
Mic Break
Pete Rock ID
Showbiz & AG – You Want It
Masta Ace ID
Masta Ace Inc – The Phat Kat Ride [Prod Louie Vega]
Jeru ID
Masta Ace Inc – 4 Da Mind Feat Cella Dwellas
Mic Break
Freestyle Frenzy #2 – Mad Skillz Freestyle [Oct 94]

DMC Championships
Suite Centre
100% House Classics
Lo-Key? Live
Junglism Vol.1
Usher/ Aaron Hall Live

Cel-One in Studio
Freestyle Frenzy #2 – Serch & OC Freestyle [Aug 94]
Lord Finesse – Shorties Kaught in the System
Milk – Get Off My Log [Jazzyfatwoody Remix]
Cella Dwellas – We Got It Hemmed
Akinyele & Kool G Rap – Break A Bitch Neck [Bitchless Edit]

10 Feb 1995…

Nine – Da Fundamentalz
Nine – Who U Won Test
Mic Break
Lord Digga – Feel It
Masta Ace / Lord Digga ID
Big L – Danger Zone
Ill Al Skratch ‎– Don’t Shut Down On A Player
Black Moon ID
Showbiz & AG – Time For [Unreleased Version]
Fourtie – Headlines
Mic Break [Zulu Nation UK Chapter info]

DMC Championships
The Real McCoy After Show Party
Experience Club Joe Bananas Croydon
Lo-Key? Live
Valentines Competition

Nine – Ta Rasss
Pure Genius – Undercover
Nas ID
Showbiz & AG – Next Level [Nyte Time Remix]
Mic Break
Akinyele & Kool G Rap – Break A Bitch Neck
Jemini – Funk Soul Sensation
Mic Break

DMC Championships

Hip-Hop Ten [Chart]
Ol Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo
T-Love – Nobody Knows My Name Revisited
MC Lyte ID
Big L – Put It On
Showbiz & AG – Got Ya Back
Bas Blasta – Aint Watcha Do
Mic Break

DMC Championships
Suite Centre
Men at Large Live
Granaries Croydon

Method Man ID
Nine – Hit Em Like Dis
Doo Wop Feat Fat Joe Akinyele Lord Tariq Pretty Boy Floyd – You Gotta Go Down [Radio Edit]
Forbidden Fruit – Cup Of Life
Heltah Skeltah ID
Legit – Jungles of the East

DJ 279 [Cel One in the Studio] - Choice FM 3 Feb & 10 Feb 1995 1DJ 279 [Cel One in the Studio] - Choice FM 3 Feb & 10 Feb 1995 2

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