Westwood – Capital Rap Show 20 January 1989 [REMASTERED]

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PrintThere are a few pauses on this but it’s a gem. My favourite part is when, in the middle of playing a World Premiere of De La Souls’ Buddy, he stops it halfway through, for what seemed like an eternity of dead air [but was probably only a second or two], thinking he’s cueing up the next track.


Eazy E – We Want Eazy
Too Short – Life is Too Short

Spin Offs
Daily Mail
Delicious Vinyl Feast at the Fridge
De La Soul – Me Myself and I
De La Soul – Buddy [World Premiere]
Kool G Rap – Men at Work

Sunshine Holidays Exchange Rate
Kwikfit Tyres
Hitman Records

Kid Flash – Aint Nothin But a Party
Mic Break
Audio 2 – The Questions
Mic Break
Overlord X – Weapon is my Lyric
Mic Break
Einstein – Rhymes are Smokin
Mic Break
Shinehead ID
Run DMC – Slow and Low [OG]
Black Rock N Ron – Stop the World
Mic Break [Handover with Chris Forbes]
Fat Boys ID

Westwood - Capital Rap Show - 21 January 1989

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