DJ Mix Master Mike & Mimi Brown – WDAS FM / Power 99 FM 1988 [REMASTERED]

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PrintThe Mix Master Mike in question, and the DJ droppin skills for this notable tape, is Philly icon and local legend Mike Maserati [According to recent correspondence from Maserati, the former mayor ‘Nutter stole my name’]. As we initially thought this was Lady B and the ex-mayor was the one on the wheels, this is the kinda correction we enjoy here, cos we wanna be ‘teaching history, filled with straight up facts, no mystery’. Huge shouts and big respect to Mike and Mimi Brown who is on the mic.

Regrettably, there are a few pauses in the recording, but there’s almost an hour of truly classic Rap, and a few rare ones too. With the numerous pauses, the likelihood is that some of the recording is from Mimi [who hosted the Rap Digest] on WDAS [105.3] as well as Lady B on WUSL [98.9]. Regardless, indulge yourself and bask in the b-boy soundtrack to 1988!

Power 99 FM 1988 - Copy

3-D – Crushin & Bussin’
3-D [EST] – As-Salaam-Alaikum ID
Krown Rulers – Kick The Ball
Cut King – It’s All About You
Antionette – I Got An Attitude
Busy Bee – Suicide
Devastating Force Promo ?
Mr. Tuxedo & King Stro – King Stro
DJ Cash Money & Marv – Play it Kool
Audio Two – Top Billin
Big Daddy Kane – Somethin’ Funky
Latee – This Cut’s Got Flavor
Sweet Tee – It’s Like That Y’All
Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants [Bonus Beats]
Big Daddy Kane – Raw
Public Enemy – Bring the Noise
Sweet Tee – I Got The Feelin’
B-Fats – The B-Fats

Propers to Mr Maserati, Mimi Brown, Jimmy Smithson & CPB

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