Doctor Dré Operating Room show WBAU – 8 July 1985 [REMASTERED]

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During the late 80s, the outrageously funny Doctor Dré was a co-presenter on YO! MTV Raps alongside his comedic cohort Ed Lover, he did a similar co-hosting role on the HOT97 Morning Show during the 90’s on WQHT. He was also the ‘Fearless Leader’ of Def Jam Recording artists Original Concept, but this recording is him in his earliest radio persona, back in 1985.


He gleefully presents this snapshot of 1985 Long Island sound, with a soundtrack made up of Pop Soul and more concrete vibrating Hip-Hop. There are some seriously Gold School tracks played here: Heartbreakers, Fly Girl, Calling Her a Crab,  Marley Marl Scratch, Jimmy Spicer [Prod by Rick Rubin]. You even get some of the Krush Groove All Stars. Apologies for the tape drops and accidental tuning goin on in this one, it’s a bit annoyin but there’s only a couple of em…

We Rock Roosevelt ID
Boogie Boys – Fly Girl
‘Doctor Dré turns me on’ ID
Glenn Jones – Show Me
Angie Reid ID
The B-Boys – Girls
Jimmy Spicer – This Is It
MC Shan – Marley Marl Scratch
T La Rock – Breakdown
Treacherous Three – Action
We Rock Laurelton
Mic Break
Alexander O’Neal – What’s Missing
Bad Boys featuring K Love- Bad Boys Dub
Davy DMX – The DMX Will Rock [Vocoder Version]
LL Cool J – I Need a Beat
Hall & Oates – Method of Modern Love [Dub]
Kashif – Call Me Tonight [Instrumental]
Cold Crush Brothers – Heartbreakers
An Exclusive WBAU Hot Cut ID
Double Cross MCs – Believe In Yourself
Doctor Dré Slow Jam ID
Peabo Bryson – When you Talk to Me
WBAU Back Track ID
Doctor Dré – Talk Break
Steve Drayton – Stop Playin’ With My Love
Players Club – For What it’s Worth [Demo] ?
Marissa from the Virgin Islands ID
UTFO – Callin Her a Crab
Jesse Johnson’s Revue – Free World
Doctor Dré – Talk Break
Hiko Featuring Great Peso – She’s Wild
Sylvia Staff [WBAU News]
Doctor Dré – Pryor ID
Dynamic Brothers – One On One
An Exclusive WBAU Hot Cut ID
Krush Groove All Stars – Krush Groovin’

Dre & Ed 3.jpg

Big respect to André Brown for the laughs, and my mans EZK for the missin track names !

If anyone has any Morning Show recordings, dont hesitate to get in touch, we only have one in the stash.

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