Jeff Young – Big Beat [National Fresh] – 20 April 1990 [REMASTERED]

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The Big Beat session kicks off around 3 minutes in.

As far as tunes go, National Fresh may have been formulaic to some, but to dedicted Hip-Hop heads, that formula was exciting and culturally developmental. On offer was the more commercial angle of Hip-Hop and Rap but A Tribe Called Quest or Salt N Pepa LP cuts would be aired, you’d also hear K-Solo and UK MCs like Mello.

Naturally, it wouldnt be a National Fresh Show without some Above the Law, and even though the description of them as a ‘New group cashing in on the NWA lyric idea’ mightve been slightly misguided, hearing West Coast legends MC Eiht and Comptons Most Wanted was refreshing. And a reminder of how Jeff gave us further insight into the world outside of New York Rap. Thanks again Mr Young. At 85BPM, does One Time Gaffled Em Up win the award for slowest song on the Big Beat?

NB: After Princess Ivori, Jeff makes an announcement that he’s gonna play a track that he feels he should justify, MC Hammer, cos it got to him after hearing it alot on the radio in the US the previous week. He anticipates that ‘THIS COULD BE A UK POP SMASH’ !???!!!! It’s NOT authentic Hip-Hop, but it is a classic pop Rap record, and he plays it ‘So there’. TBH, it’s just nice to hear snapshots of such a classic track getting their first airplay in the UK. Whether any of us enjoy it or not.

Jeff Young – Big Beat [National Fresh] – 20 April 1990 [REMASTERED]

Soho – Hot Music
National Fresh Intro
Princess Ivori – Wanted
Mic Break
Above The Law – Untouchable
X-Clan – Ways of the Scale
Mic Break
Boo Yaa Tribe – Psyko Funk [Nomad Soul Remix]
Mic Break
2 Deep – I Didn’t Do My Homework
Mic Break
LA Star – Fade to Black [The Boiler House Boil In The Jazz Mix]
Mic Break
Salt N Pepa – Negro With An Ego
Mic Break
MC Hammer – U Cant Touch This
Mic Break
Tribe Called Quest – After Hours
Mic Break
MC Mello – Open Up Your Mind [Blacksmith Remix]
Mic Break
K Solo – Spellbound
Mic Break
Comptons Most Wanted – One Time Gaffled Em Up
One Voice – Soul Talk

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