Parisian Rap Radio from 1988 c/o Sidney Duteil/ Dee Nasty [REMASTERED]

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This rare recording features a short segment from Rapper Dappers Snapper with Sydney, a show presented by the legendary TV presenter Sydney/ Sidney/ Patrick Duteil and DJ JP on Radio 7. Sidney presented one of the first TV shows featuring Hip-Hop, ANYWHERE on the planet. He had Bambaataa, Futura and even Madonna on the show back in the mid-80s! The rest of the tape is from Radio Nova, with ZULU KING Dee Nasty dropping serious 88 classics, some of his own Latin Rascals type productions, and even a recording of a megamix taken off a Kiss FM show courtesy of Kool DJ Red Alert [Where he plays the famous hard to find mix of I Know You Got Soul, remixed by DJ Mark the 45 King].

This one below is from the following year, it’s another Dee Nasty Deenastyle show, this one courtesy of Manugram via Majestik Magic

For the record, French Hip-Hop culture goes back, there is a history that goes back way way further than MC Solaar. This is bloody obvious to French heads but not somethin fans outside of the country might be aware of. When I associate anything French and Hip-Hop I think of Z-3 MC’s, and the French National Anthem. I think of Melle Mels’ oh si raffine rhymes on It’s Nasty; ‘I tour around the world to make the people dance, and here’s a little message for the ladies in France. Je m’appelle, Melle Mel Donne moi la petit mademoiselle’. I inevitably remember Une Sale Histoire, and Beside on Change The Beat alongside Fab 5 Freddy. And Tribe 2, also on Celluloid Records. I think of photographer & MTV presenter Sophie Bramly, and the Spraycan Art imagery of Paris in the mid-80s featuring Crime Time Kings, Mode2 & Bando. AND NATURALLY, I remember the Zulu King, DJ Dee Nasty. DJ Dee Nasty - Radio Nova Paris 1987 or 1988 [REMASTERED]

If you are French and from the era of these tunes, you’ll know the history of French Hip-Hop and Rap and you’ll probably know all about the radio stations that broadcast the sounds of des rues.

FYI. I’m Irish, I speak English and Italian [Neither with any class], I dont speak a word of French and tbh im not a huge fan of listenin to rhymes in any other language other than English. But this Dee Nasty tape I’ve had since 1988 [not 85 as noted], and due to it’s sonically captivating troves, it is unquestionably one of my favourite radio tapes from over the 4 decades I’ve been amassing them.

Rapper Dappers Snapper with Sidney & DJ JP – Radio 7

Platinum Squad: MC Fresh, Destinée, Doudou Freestyle
Spyder D – Smerphies Dance
Spyder D – Smerphies Dance Feat Sydney Duteil, Ben, Momo with PCB [Paris City Breakers] Freestyle

DJ Dee Nasty – Radio Nova 101.5 FM

Destroy Man Et Jhonygo – On L’Balance
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – A Touch of Jazz
Doctor Funnkenstein and DJ Cash Money – Scratchin´ To The Funk
Dee Nasty – Deenastyle
Destroy Man Et Jhonygo – Egoïste
29:38 Platinum Squad: MC Fresh, Destinée, Doudou Freestyle over 3-D – Crushin & Bussin’ [Instrumental]
Platinum Squad: MC Fresh, Destinée, Doudou Freestyle over Three The Hard Way Featuring White Flash – Hyped [Instrumental]
Criminal Posse: SLEO [Structure Lyrique Expression Orale] Freestyle over Lejuan Love – My Hardcore Rhymes [Instrumental]
Platinum Squad: MC Fresh, Destinée, Doudou Freestyle over 3-D – Acknickulous Beat [Instrumental]
Platinum Squad: MC Fresh, Destinée, Doudou Freestyle over Instrumental
Mantronix – Simple Simon [Instrumental]
Freestyle over Traedonya – The Boogaloo [Instrumental]
Criminal Posse: SLEO [Structure Lyrique Expression Orale] over Sweet Tee – I Got Da Feelin’
Hardcore – Power of the Rhyme
Platinum Squad: MC Fresh, Destinée, Doudou Freestyle Freestyle over 3-D – Crushin & Bussin’ [Instrumental]
Afro-Rican – Give It All You Got
B.O.S.E. – Rock the World
Z-3 MCs – Triple Threat
Bambaataa – Funk You
Cerrone – Rocket in the Pocket
Supreme Force – You Gotta Come Out Fresh [Instrumental]
Lady L – Ice Cream Dreams [Bonus Beats]
Vicious Four – Hard Rap
Isley Brothers – For the Love of You
KISS FM More Music Less Talk ID
Steady B – Bring the Beat Back
Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul [45 King Remix]
Radio Novas’ Kickin Live ID
Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul [Dub]
Danny Krivit – Feelin’ James


Kings of Pressure – You Know How to Reach Us
Prince – Hot Thing [Unreleased/ Unknown Version]
Kev-E-Kev & AK-B – Listen to the Man
Magic Disco Machine – Scratchin
Incredible Bongo Band – Apache

Huge shouts to Majestik Magic in France and CPB & DJ EZ Kutz for TL assistance…

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