Mr Magic & Marley Marl – Rap Attack WBLS Early June 1987

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PrintOkay, first up, we usually pride ourselves on our restoration results but from the jump, the quality of this classic Summer 87 recording sucked butt through a long straw; Distortion, crappy reception etc. Listen, when we was kids, having these treasures was like holdin somethin golden, so if ya can stomach this kinda thing, it is what it is. I tried restoring the sound but it was like polishing a tiny tape turd.


The ads for The Wiz are a time capsule on their own, the ‘OMG I Think Im Having a Rap Attack’ jingles will give you goosebumps, and Marley plays World Premieres of Roxanne Shante – Have a Nice Day and Fat Boys – Rock Ruling. A concert/ event on June 15th is mentioned at some point in the show so this is from some point before then.

Nerd note: I knew they were friendly enough rivals with the disses they produced and played on air, but I didn’t realise things got this trivial between Red and Marley. Oddly, Marley drops Red Alerts name outta the Kid N Play Last Night track…

[Last Night] I was on the phone
My girl was tellin’ me she was all alone
So I asked her if she was down to go
To Union Square, check out the show
She said OK she’d never seen Red spin

Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full
Salt N Pepa – Tramp
Fat Boys – Rock Ruling [World Premiere]
Fat Boys ID
Woody Rock – I Introduce The Beat
Mic Break
LL Cool J – The Doo Wop
True Love – Love Rap Ballad
MC Shan Featuring TJ Swan – Left Me Lonely
Mic Break
Fat Boys – Crushin
OMG I Think Im Having a Rap Attack ID
Mic Break – Mr Magic
Shock-Wave – Games We Play
Davy D – Keep Your Distance
Mic Break

The Wiz
American Airlines
Clausthaler Alcohol Free Beer
Mic Break

Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul
OMG I Think Im Having a Rap Attack ID
Roxanne Shante – Have a Nice Day [World Premiere]
Fearless Four – After Tonight
Kool G Rap – Rikers Island
True Mathematics – Greeks In The House [Instrumental]
Kid N Play – Last Night

Ballantine Ale
Double Fresh Doublemint Gum
Budweiser Super Fest – Patti Labelle/ Ashford & Simpson/ Whispers/ Atlantic Starr

As ever, huge shouts to Jason Armitage for the cassette.

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