Westwood Capital Rap Show – Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs Interview / Awesome 2 Interview & Mix – 10 June 1994 [REMASTERED]

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PrintThis weeks drop is from exactly 26 years ago. It’s Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs from Boston with legends of NY Rap radio the Awesome 2 joining Tim in the studio. As well as an interesting discussion with Ed O.G., the legendary Special K & Teddy Tedd of the Awesome 2 discuss their history, club-hopping and playing Latin Quarters & Danceteria. They talk about producing EPMDs it’s My Thing along with them, while Westwood [for some reason] mentions Sleeping Dog Records before dropping 2 Pacs’ name like a hot potato. The Awesome 2 have some brought some special ‘dubby-dub’ blends with them, so Tim plays a few, they are DJ Fashion [of the Zulu Nation] dubplates.

NB: The incomparable Grandmaster Caz and the Cold Crush Brothers feature on a blend that is truly outta here, do NOT miss !

Westwood Capital Rap Show - 10 June 1994 [Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs and Awesome 2 Interviews [REMASTERED] A

In the weekly Source Magazine update, Jay the Sultan [Shecky Green] offers further indication that these updates were the listeners Internet back in the mid-90s. During the phone report he speaks on [then 24 year old] Lisa Left Eye Lopes’ fiery attitude 2 nights previous in Atlanta.  He informs the listeners that authorities had ‘issued a warrant for her arrest’ and that she was up on charges of suspected ‘arson and criminal damage’ of her Superbowl champion boyfriends’ $860,000 home, and vehicles at the property. Allegedly, they’d had an argument after Lisa discovered her lover had bought a grip of sneakers and not picked up any for her. After she set fire to the kicks in a bath, the fire got outta control and couldn’t be contained.

Westwood Capital Rap Show - 10 June 1994 [Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs and Awesome 2 Interviews [REMASTERED] B

After the report, Westwood drops 5 tracks from what sounds like a pre-recorded mix/ or maybe even a section from one of the Awesome 2’s shows. 

Westwood not only plays classics durin this show, he mistakenly refers to Craig as Greg Mack and the guests on the Shyheim posse cut, as Rubber Banks and [Pop Da Brown Hornet as] Pop Da Brown Homer.

AHOOOOOOOOGA propers to Special K & Teddy Tedd.

Rampage – Beware Of The Rampsack
House of Pain – On Point [Da Beatminerz Remix]
Domino ID
Mic Break
Shyheim Feat Big Daddy Kane, K-Dee, Pop The Brown Hornet, Rubba Banzs – Pass It Off [Underground Remix]
Dredknotz – Tha Anthem
Craig Mack – Real Raw
PD3/ Points Proven – Hardcore Freestyle
Buju Banton ID
Mic Break
Public Enemy – Give It Up
LL Cool J – Year of Hip Hop
Mic Break/ Ed OG & Bulldogs & Studio Guests
Ed OG & Bulldogs – I Gotta Have It
Ed OG & Bulldogs Interview
Ed OG & Bulldogs – Be a Father to Your Child
Awesome 2 Interview
DJ Fashion – El Debarge All This Love Blend
Awesome 2 Interview
DJ Fashion – Jade Don’t Walk Away Blend
DJ Fashion – Cold Crush Brothers And It’s Us… Blend
Warren G – Do You See
Extra Prolific – Brown Sugar

Awesome 2 Mix:
Kenny Dope – Get On Down
Nice n Smooth – Ooh Child
Jeru – You Can’t Stop the Prophet
Wu Tang Clan – Can It Be All So Simple Remix
Scientifik – As Long As You Know

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