Westwood Capital Rap Show Pause Tape [MC Serch/ Sabac Red Freestyle] – 22 April 1994 [REMASTERED]

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PrintThe impatient blade of throwback tape editing features heavily in the first half of this cassette, but if you come from that era, it’s just a pause tape. I scooped the content from other radio tapes, at the time I was doin this regularly for mates that couldnt catch Capital FM back in Ireland.

As well as great tunes from 1994, see below for TL, but keep in mind this was probably the first play of the clean version of Shame on a Nigga. Tim also plays some Bahamadia, Gravediggaz, Artifacts, an indy classic featuring Grand Puba, Fat Joe & DJ Chill Will [Strickly Roots], and some really tasty West Coast biz courtesy of Oaklands’ Hiero crew. Check for the Serchlite Mob freestyle featuring MC Serch [cussin Pete Nice] & Non Phixion member Sabac Red [Makin his first trip to London], with DJ Riz on the wheels [Shout out to Bake City Bagels].

There’s an ID [The Capital Rap Show is SLAMMIN] that names a few areas of London that I’d forgotten about, but the highlight was The Source Update with the mighty Jon Shecter talking about the First Annual Source Awards [that featured the legendary Bernie Mac, Fab 5 Freddy and performances from 2Pac & Luke amongst others].

There’s a spot near the end where I accidentally pressed record. I left it in for authenticity.P1080533Wu- Tang Clan – Shame on a Nuh
Bahamadia – Total Wreck
Onyx ID
Strickly Roots – Begs No Friends [Valley Mob Mix]
Cypress Hill ID
Artifacts – Flexi Wit Da Tech
Domino ID
Bounty Killer ID
Nas – It Aint Hard To Tell [Remix]
Tribe Called Quest ID
Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God [UK Flavour Remix]
Mic Break
Westwood ID
Gravediggaz – Suicide
Masta Ace – B-Side
Onyx ID
Lords of the Underground – Flow On [Pete Rock Remix]
Cypress Hill ID
Smif-N-Wessun – Bucktown
3rd Bass – Freestyle
Casual ‎– Me-O-Mi-O
Extra Prolific – Brown Sugar
Naughty by Nature ID
Mic Break
Capital Rap Show is SLAMMIN ID
Gravediggaz – Nowhere To Run
Sham/ MC Ni – One Da Hard Way ?
The Source Update
Artifacts – Wrong Side of the Tracks

First Source Awards

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