Tim Westwood & Marley Marl [Feat DJ Clark Kent] – Final LA Gear Rap Exchange 28 October 1989 [REMASTERED]

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The worst thing about this 30 year old tape of the Capital Rap Show is the interference [at some points, opera bleeds in from another station, some things just cant be remastered].

The best thing is that Marley drops FIVE tracks that, to this day, have never been officially released: Marley & Flex/ Pete Rock & CL Smooth/ Intelligent Hoodlum, and one from the Have No Fear Swan Is Here full-length by Biz associate, TJ Swan [An album that according to sources never made it past the demo stage]. One cut, Mellow Love, utilises the same beat as the Doo-Doo, as Marley mentions. It’s one of those Capital Radio/ WBLS LA Gear Rap Exchanges recorded in New York and broadcast in London.

Final LA Gear Rap Exchange [Feat DJ Clark Kent] Westwood & Marley Marl - 28 October 1989 [REMASTERED] (1) - Copy

Alotta them featured tracks like these unavailable cuts, tracks that have been uploaded by cheerleading ravioli-head bitin ass bloggers and ganking Glue-Tubers over the years, but with RRR, you can enjoy em here in all their fucky-berg nerdery context.

ENORMONOID propers to Mr Winks.

Intelligent Hoodlum appears in the studio, reluctantly introduces an unreleased version of Party Animal [that doesnt feature the female vocals], chats about how ‘Malcolm X is his hero and idol’, and how ‘Biz had his car broken into’. NB: Marley also plays an unfinished version of Black & Proud. Did you know that Pete Rock & CL Smooths’ unreleased Lethal Weapon was due to feature on In Control Vol.2 ?! Now you do.

At 43:50 the self-titled super-producer mentions that this show is the ‘last show of the Capital FM/ LA Gear Rap Exchange‘, he follows up with comments about Red Alert and Chuck Chillout, how he ‘felt it was time for something new and innovative’ and how that was probably the reason that In Control was ‘the #1 show’. He also makes some evasive comments about Shan being ‘Past it’, highlighting just how tight they were all along, not very. DJ Clark Kent also features in the mix.

DJ Clark Kent set #1

Queen Latifah – Queen Of Royal Badness
Sugarhill Gang ‎– Rappers Delight [Hip Hop Mix/ Ben Liebrand Mix]
De La Soul – Eye Know [The Know It All Mix]
Chubb Rock – Stop That Train
Queen Latifah & Monie Love – Ladies First
Wrecks N Effect – New Jack Swing
Mic Break
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Lethal Weapon [Unreleased]
Mic Break
LA Gear ad
Intelligent Hoodlum – Party Animal [Unreleased]
Intelligent Hoodlum – Interview
Intelligent Hoodlum – Black and Proud [Unreleased]
Intelligent Hoodlum – Interview

DJ Clark Kent set #2

Biz Markie – Spring Again
Heavy D – Somebody For Me
EPMD – Big Payback
De La Soul – Buddy
Nice & Smooth – Funky For You
Queen Latifah – A King And Queen Creation
Nice & Smooth – Sum Pimped Out Shit
Mic Break
TJ Swan – Mellow Love [Unreleased]
Marley Marl Feat Flex – Girl I was Wrong [Unreleased]
Spoonie Gee – Mighty Mike [Marley Remix]

Final LA Gear Rap Exchange [Feat DJ Clark Kent] Westwood & Marley Marl - 28 October 1989 [REMASTERED] (2)

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