Tim Westwood – Who Stole my 2Pac Promo ?

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Sometime in the early 2000s, Tim Westwood played at a dance, it was on his birthday, and he was grindin. He could’ve been partying elsewhere but he was puttin in that work. The jam was at Hallam University in Sheffield.

Unfortunately he had 2 records stolen from the booth by ‘some thick-set white kid’ [while he was playing Punjabi MC]. The following night, he was back on air, and he was maddened about his shit gettin ganked, and spent a fair amount of the show that night protesting about how his Hail Mary promo from Pac had been boosted. This shard of a show was donated to me by an old friend Diane Burns, and it’s one of the funniest bits of Westwood aural ephemera I have.

Tim got his records pinched at a dance in Sheffield, but he only realised when he got back to London. And the bizarre thing is, he was happy to drive straight back to Sheffield to ‘ask’ for his joints back. And trust, he was planning on ‘listening to 50 CENTS all the way’ as you’ll discover from this hilarious clip.

Large ups to the thick-set white kid who had some testes to try it on, and to Mr Westwood of course, but the question remains, did Tim ever get his joints back? And extra ‘bonafide respect’ to Lady Di for the material in the first place.

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