Pimp C Phone Interview HOT107.9 WHTA – July 2007

The vocal sample source on ‘Dont Try to Play With Me’, from Buns 4th and final episode in the Trill series, The Epilogue, was lifted by producer Big E and Bun via a phone convo Chad Butler, bka Pimp C made to ATL radio station HOT107.9 during the Summer of 2007. It followed an article in Florida based Ozone magazine that same month. In the article it was clear who and what he was getting at, ‘the cowards and liars’ in the industry. Pimp becomes super-duty animated on air, making his views on the ‘cartoon characters’ and unhealthy frontery in Rap very clear to the listeners. Pimp didnt name names of the Rappin Sugar Sausages [Gay Rappers] but he definitely perpetuated gossip regarding the artists that were included in the piece by naming Russell Simmons, Young Joc and others. He plucked the presenters cards for namin T.I. as a one-hit wonder too, highlighting how easy it is to be mis-quoted in the media.

Listen back to this iconic and prolific Rapper talk about how we ‘need to get back to the positive subject matters like social commentary, and generally staying away from talking about ‘negative things’. Sadly, Pimp died from sleep apnea complications less than 6 months after this interview.

Renaissance Man Bun continues to bless his audience with emphatically honest music, with ‘cosmopolitan and individual’ points of view and in terms of co-opting our culture, he refuses to settle for what Hip-Hop and Rap have become. Support your own, pick up the new album from your usual suppliers. He’s also blessed the airwaves on a number of podcasts and interviews recently, get involved.

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