Westwood – Blackmoon & Smif n Wessun 7 October 1994 [REMASTERED]

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Hoodied up and Timbo’d down, the studio guests on this occasion, Blackmoon and their associated Duck Down entourage, landed in London, fully Beef and Broccoli’d for promotional obligations, interviews and a performance or two. That was a day short of 20 years ago.

English and Jamaican accents get dropped, Tim drops a Westwood themed Snoop ‘Doggy’ Dogg G-Thang promo, artists like MCD & Scarface drop knowledge, Blackmoon, Smif n Wessun et al drop a freestyle that Westwood says ‘People will be crying for if they didnt have a blank cassette’ and Evil Dee drops a tasty little mix. Luckily, we had a blank cassette eh?

Apologies for the periodic static and the channel seperation on Side B [the original recording annoyingly cuts out sections of the right hand channel, for no apparent reason]. This is also one of the few tapes in the archives where the recording level witnessed some itchy trigger finger action.

Westwood - 7 October 1994 J-Card

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