If you have any of these shows on cassette, get in touch…


US & Worldwide…

Afrika Islam & Donald-D – Zulu Beat Show – WHBI NYC
Awesome2 [Special K & Teddy Ted] – WHBI/ WNWK NYC
Butterman Rap Attack – Baltimore
Chuck Chillout – WRKS [Kiss FM] & WBLS NYC
Chuckie D [and various Public Enemy members] – Spectrum Mixx Show WBAU NYC
Clark Kent – WKCR ‘The ”We Can Do This” Show’ with Pete Nice/ WBLS & Various NYC
C.M. Famalam Radio Show – Cucumber Slice & Stak Chedda [Bobbito & Lord Sear] WKCR
Colby Colb – Power 99 FM Philly
Dee Nasty – Radio Nova Paris
DJ Rob One, EMZ & Gone One – Fly I.D. Show KCSN Cali
Doctor Dré Operating Room – WBAU NYC
Fab 5 Freddy – The People’s Beat [Medgar Evers College Radio]
Funkmaster Flex [DJ Underground Bandit] – WQHT/ WRKS NYC
Ghetto Style DJs – WJHM? Miami
Go Go Dave & J The Sultan – 95.3 WHRB Boston [Dave Mays & Jon Schecter, ex-Editor in Chief at The Source Magazine]
Greg Mack – KDAY LA
Halftime – WNYU NYC
Hank Love & DNA – WNWK NYC
Kid Capri – WBLS NYC
Kool DJ Red Alert – WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM/ WBLS/ WQHT HOT97 NYC
Lady B – Power99FM / WUSL 98.9 FM Philly
Lady B – WHAT AM Philly
Marley Marl – Rap Attack [w/ Kevy Kev and Chilly Q] – WBLS/ In Control [w/ Pete Rock] – WBLS/ Future Flavas [w/ Pete Rock] – WQHT HOT97 NYC
Martin Moore & DJ Mayhem [Club 89/New York Live] – WNYU NYC
Mix Master Mike [Mike Nutter] & Mimi Brown – Rap Digest Show WDAS 105.3 FM Philly
Mr Magic – WHBI [Disco Showcase]/ WBLS [Rap Attack] NYC
Nasty Nes – KFOX Seattle
Pete Nice and Richie Rich – WKCR NYC
Prince Ice – KMEL San Francisco
Ron Nelson Fantastic Voyage show – CKLN Toronto
Silver D – WBLS NYC
DJ Stretch Armstrong Show with Bobbito & Lord Sear – WKCR NYC/ HOT97
Sweet G – Magical Touch WHBI
Takagi Kan – Major Force Tokyo
Underground Railroad – WBAI NYC
Vandy C – WNYE NYC
We Came From Beyond show- WXLU NYC
Wildman Steve & DJ Riz – WBAU NYC
World Famous Supreme Team [Se’ Divine the Mastermind & Justice Allah the Superstar] – WHBI NYC


Chad Jackson – Piccadilly Radio Manchester
Craig Strong – Trent FM Birmingham
Dave Pearce & RJ Scratch – Fresh Start to the Week GLR Greater London Radio
Delroy Briscoe – Sky Community Radio London
DJ 279 with Big Ted – Choice FM London
Dr Strange – ICR Inner City Radio/ Lethal FM Leeds
Jeff Young – Big Beat [Friday nights Radio One] London
Leaky Fresh & Owen D – Out to Distress Rap Show – Manchester
Mark Ross – WNK London
Mastermind Road Show [Herbie and Dave] Invicta/ JFM
Max LX and Dave VJ – Kiss FM [Wednesday nights] London
Mike Allen – Capital Radio Hip-Hop Show [1984 – 1987] London
Mike Allen – National Fresh [Syndicated versions of the Capital show 1986 – 1987] London
Paul Dodd [Electro Show] – JFM [AKA Jackie FM] 102.8 FM/ 103.3 FM
Richie Richs Rap Academy – Kiss 100 FM London
Roger Johnson – Powernite FM London
Spinmasters [808 State] – Sunset 102 FM Manchester
Stu Allan – Piccadilly Radio Manchester
Stu Allan – Bus Diss [Key 103 FM] Manchester
Steve Wren ‘Rap Attack’ – Choice FM London
Tim Westwood – LWR [1984 – 1985] London
Tim Westwood – KISS FM [1985 – 1987] London
Tim Westwood – Capital Rap Show [1987 – 1994] London
Tim Westwood – Radio One 1st Show – 12 October 1994 UK Nationwide
Triston B [Roadblock – 3 hour Sunday afternoon show on BBC Radio Bristol] Bristol

Pioneers/ Influences…

Diamond 2 [Chep Nunez/ Charlie Dee Diaz / Omar Santana] – WNWK NYC
Hotmix5 – WBMX NYC
Latin Rascals – WKTU NYC
Shep Pettibone – WKTU NYC
Cameron Paul – KMEL San Francisco
Jeff Mills [The Wizard] – WJLB Detroit
Jeff Mills [The Wizard Minimixes] – WDRQ Detroit

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  1. sick project.

    could you make your archives searchable? (I’m collecting old Stretch/Bobbito, for example).

    deep propers.


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