If you are in the UK, EU or anywhere other than Canada/ United States, and have any of the shows listed below on cassette or digital formats, get in touch:


Alternatively, if you are in the US, dont hesitate to get in touch with the good people over at https://www.hiphopradioarchive.org/

Fundamentally, here at RRR, we are attempting to validate Hip-Hop and it’s vital importance as an art and youth culture, via the broadcasts, and therefore the recordings that were made throughout the 80s, 90s and sometimes even more recently…


US & Worldwide…


Afrika Islam & Donald-D – Zulu Beat Show WHBI NYC

Awesome2 [Special K & Teddy Tedd] – WHBI/ WNWK NYC

Butterman Rap Attack – Baltimore

Chuck Chillout – WRKS [Kiss FM] & WBLS NYC

Chuckie D [and various Public Enemy members] – Spectrum Mixx Show WBAU NYC

Clark Kent – WKCR ‘The ”We Can Do This” Show’ with Pete Nice/ WBLS & Various NYC

C.M. Famalam Radio Show – Cucumber Slice & Stak Chedda [Bobbito & Lord Sear] WKCR
Colby Colb – Power 99FM Philly

Dee Nasty – Radio Nova & RDH Paris

DJ Rob One, EMZ & Gone One – Fly I.D. Show KCSN Cali

Doctor Dré Operating Room – WBAU NYC

Fab 5 Freddy – The People’s Beat [Medgar Evers College Radio]
Funkmaster Flex [DJ Underground Bandit] – WQHT/ WRKS NYC

Ghetto Style DJs – WJHM? Miami

Go Go Dave & J The Sultan [Dave Mays & Jon Schecter, ex-Editor in Chief at The Source Magazine] 95.3 WHRB Boston
Greg Mack – KDAY LA

Halftime – WNYU NYC

Hank Love & DNA – WNWK NYC

Kid Capri – WBLS NYC

Kool DJ Red Alert – WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM/ WBLS/ WQHT HOT97 NYC

Lady B – Power99FM / WUSL 98.9 FM Philly

Lady B – WHAT AM Philly

Marley Marl – Rap Attack [w/ Kevy Kev and Chilly Q] – WBLS/ In Control [w/ Pete Rock] – WBLS/ Future Flavas [w/ Pete Rock] – WQHT HOT97 NYC

Martin Moore & DJ Mayhem [Club 89/New York Live] – WNYU NYC

Mix Master Mike [Mike Maserati] & Mimi Brown – Rap Digest Show WDAS 105.3 FM Philly

Mr Magic – WHBI [Disco Showcase]/ WBLS [Rap Attack] NYC

Nasty Nes – KFOX Seattle


Pete Nice and Richie Rich – WKCR NYC

Prince Ice – KMEL San Francisco

Ron Nelson Fantastic Voyage show – CKLN Toronto

Silver D – WBLS NYC

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show with Bobbito & Lord Sear – WKCR/ HOT97 NYC
Sweet G – Magical Touch WHBI

Sydney & Paris City Breakers Radio 7 – Paris
Takagi Kan – Major Force Tokyo

Underground Railroad – WBAI NYC

Vandy C – WNYE NYC

We Came From Beyond show- WXLU NYC

Wildman Steve & DJ Riz – WBAU NYC

World Famous Supreme Team [Se’ Divine the Mastermind & Justice Allah the Superstar] – WHBI NYC




Chad Jackson – Piccadilly Radio Manchester
Craig Strong – Trent FM Birmingham
Dave Pearce & RJ Scratch – Fresh Start to the Week GLR Greater London Radio
Delroy Briscoe – Sky Community Radio London
DJ 279 with Big Ted – Choice FM London
Dr Strange – ICR Inner City Radio/ Lethal FM Leeds
Jeff Young – Big Beat [Friday nights Radio One] London
Leaky Fresh & Owen D – Out to Distress Rap Show – Manchester
Mark Ross – WNK London
Mastermind Road Show [Herbie and Dave] Invicta/ JFM
Max LX and Dave VJ – Kiss FM [Wednesday nights] London
Mike Allen – Capital Radio Hip-Hop Show [1984 – 1987] London
Mike Allen – National Fresh [Syndicated versions of the Capital show 1986 – 1987] London
Paul Dodd [Electro Show] – JFM [AKA Jackie FM] 102.8 FM/ 103.3 FM
Richie Richs Rap Academy – Kiss 100 FM London
Roger Johnson – Powernite FM London
Spinmasters [808 State] – Sunset 102 FM Manchester
Stu Allan – Piccadilly Radio Manchester
Stu Allan – Bus Diss [Key 103 FM] Manchester
Steve Wren ‘Rap Attack’ – Choice FM London
Tim Westwood – LWR [1984 – 1985] London
Tim Westwood – KISS FM [1985 – 1987] London
Tim Westwood – Capital Rap Show [1987 – 1994] London
Tim Westwood – Radio One 1st Show – 12 October 1994 UK Nationwide
Tristan B [Roadblock – 3 hour Sunday afternoon show on BBC Radio Bristol] Bristol


Pioneers/ Influences…

Diamond 2 [Chep Nunez/ Charlie Dee Diaz / Omar Santana] – WNWK NYC
Hotmix5 – WBMX NYC
Latin Rascals – WKTU NYC
Shep Pettibone – WKTU NYC
Cameron Paul – KMEL San Francisco
Jeff Mills [The Wizard] – WJLB Detroit
Jeff Mills [The Wizard Minimixes] – WDRQ Detroit

2 Replies to “About”

  1. sick project.

    could you make your archives searchable? (I’m collecting old Stretch/Bobbito, for example).

    deep propers.


  2. Cheers Chris,

    All the shows are tagged and have categories at the bottom of the page.

    Youll find all the S&B gear there, im currently re-upping the shows that have dead Soundcloud links so keep checkin in.


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