Dave Pearce – Fresh Start to the Week 19 February 1989 w/ Einstein Interview & Cutmaster Swift Mix/ Interview [REMASTERED]

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I’m not sure if this is a Fresh Start to the Week because it’s on GLR, was there a difference between the Nite FM show and the GLR show? They were both local London BBC shows right ?

There are a few pause button edits on this but the chats are interesting and the mixes from Swifty is tight, he’s fresh from his DMC win. There’s also a mix from DJ Tibbs. The Rapline competition features the RD Crew from Welwyn Garden & Freak One from Kilburn [The topic is the Frank Bruno Mike Tyson fight] and there’s a session from MC Craze Two & Selector. P-Fine does the international phone gossip thing and tells the listeners about the time Flavor Flav punched Al B Sure in the face.

The club with arguably the best name in history gets a mention cos the Jungle Brothers are performing there. It’s the Pink Toothbrush in Essex. Of course it is. And as ever, the dedications are just comedy central.

Einstein Interview w/ George Kay
London Posse – Money Mad
Stet – Miami Bass
George Kay Ear to the Ground feat P-Fine
Cutmaster Swift Live Mix
Cutmaster Swift Interview
DJ Tibbs Mix
Rapline Competition
MC Craze Two & Selector Session

Shouts and big respect to Justin Winks

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