Dave Pearce Fresh Start to the Week & Chris Forbes Dawn Raid – 22 & 21 January 1989 [REMASTERED]

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On here you’ve got the house sound of a Dawn Raid show featuring Chris [Don’t Alter the Style on Your Dial] Forbes, which has been shifted from top billing as the Dave Pearce Fresh Start to the Week set on GLR has more pull with the RRR audience. But check out the Dawn Raid, if only so you don’t miss out on the Kwikfit ad, and Chris using terms like ‘Sweet as a Nut’.

As well as the Dawn Raid house tunes, I’ve slotted in one track and the follow up comment from a random Jeff Young show. It sounds like the first play for Soul II Souls’ Keep On Movin, and Jeff makes it clear that it’s gonna be a big tune ‘on the underground’ ??!!?? There’s also a TFL ad with a voice-over from someone that sounds suspiciously like Chris Barrie [and the opening Hitman Records ad is a doozy of a throwback too].

On the Dave Pearce show, you’ll hear George Kay ask all the right questions in an Overlord X interview, there is a fantastic ‘Special Report’ from Manchester’s finest, the mighty Stu Allan [Highlighting the collective spirit of some of the DJs in the UK at the time]. Attempting to educate the London listeners, Stu drops one of his own productions, plays [yet unreleased] demos and throws in two live performances, one from Overlord X, and another from the groundbreaking first ladies of Rap, Salt N Pepa ! Huge propers as ever to Justin Winks.

Hitman Records ad
Capital Radio ID
George Kay – Ear to the Ground
Overlord X – Interview
Overlord X – Now My Day Begins
Overlord X – Interview
Overlord X – Kickbag
Overlord X – Interview
Overlord X – Weapon Is My Lyric
Mic Break – Stu Allan Special Report from Manchester
Lady Tame ‎- Loud Ladies
Mic Break – Stu Allan
Wildchild – Queen
Mic Break – Stu Allan
Overlord X – Rough In Hackney Live at Manchester Apollo
Salt N Pepa – I Am Down Live at Manchester Apollo
Mic Break – Stu Allan
MC Peaches – Treat Her Like a Lady
Mic Break – Dave Pearce
Kyna Antee aka The Mistress – Let It Go
Einstein – The Freeze
Mic Break – Dave Pearce

Soul II Soul ‎– Keep On Movin [Jeff Young]
Mic Break – Chris Forbes
Ten City – Where Do We Go?
Mic Break – Chris Forbes
Tyree – Oh Yeah, No Hey
Mic Break/ Competition – Chris Forbes
Bali – Love to Love You
Competition Winner
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Feel Surreal
Mic Break – Chris Forbes

Sunday Sport
Virgin Megastore
Bathroom Warehouse

Mic Break – Chris Forbes
Beloved – Your Loves Takes Me Higher [Deep Joy Mix]
Mic Break/ Chart – Chris Forbes
Baby Ford – Fordtrax
Ten City – Satisfaction
Mic Break – Chris Forbes


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