Spoonie Gee ‘The Grandfather’ Interview – 22 January 1988 [REMASTERED]

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This interview was discovered tucked away at the end of an old Bus Diss radio tape from Manchester. It’s an interview with one of the most important Rappers in history, Spoonie Gee. It came days after one of his first London shows, and on the same day of his first Manchester performance, in January 1988. You can read a great Jay Strongman interview from Soul Underground, from that same period below. Huge thanks to the mighty Stu Allan for getting in touch and schooling us on the origins of the tape. It’s a heart-warming and candid interview with the Godfather of Rap, that made it to air on Piccadilly Radio.

The interviewer is another iconic figure from the North of England, Dave Haslam. If you were reading the NME when it was educational and entertaining, or have paid attention to articles about music and club-culture in The Guardian over the last few years, you’ve probably read and appreciated Daves’ work. Dave also DJ’d at a little club called the Hacienda. You might have heard of it.

HUGE thanks to 808BEATS for the recording.

Soul Underground Magazine February 1988 Issue 5 Spoonie G Breaks & Beats Rarespoonie gee 2spoonie gee 3

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