Westwood Pause Tape w/ NY LUGZ Rap Exchange Freestyles – July 1995 [REMASTERED]

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PrintMy old mate Big Knucks [Slick Rick Thorne] put together a series of pause tapes for me durin the mid-90s, featuring bits takin from Westwood shows. I used to hang with Knucks and my old pal Boost Forsythe AKA The White Frank White AKA 2Bucks.


This one from July 95 features World Premieres from Tribe Called Quest and Rakim, dope cuts you can only listen to if ya sportin an Eastpak or a Jansport, underground one hit wonders produced by KRS, and an entire side full of freestyles from the NY Lugz Rap exchange, with Funkmaster Flex behind the 2s and 1s. All remastered, ‘waxed buffed and simonized’ with that crunchy megabass ! Shouts to Knuckles, wherever you is, get@me Dunny !


Heltah Skeltah – Letha Brainz Blo
Kool G Rap – It’s a Shame
Tribe Called Quest – Glamour & Glitz [World Premiere]
LL Cool J – Papa Luv It
Suga [Sweet Tee] – What’s up Star
Red Alert ID
Death Camp ‎- Sleep All Day
Raekwon w/ Method Man Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna – Ice Cream
Rakim – I Get Visual [World Premiere]
Mobb Deep – We About to Get Hectic
Crooklyn Anthem – NYS Anthem
Hodge – Head Nod
Passion & Jamal – Rollin Thru The Hood
Jamal – Fades Them All
Keith Murray ID
UltraMagnetic MCs & Tim Dog
Keith Murray & Redman
Big Daddy Kane & Scoob Lover
Chill Rob G / Latifah / Jungle Brothers
Method Man & Redman
DJ Cash Money & Marvelous Session off Capital Rap Show

Nerd note: the Michael Prophet‎ POM POM ID from ‘Your Love’ ? Tim used to use it in the 80s and listening back to this, he was still using it, with added delay in the mid-90s !

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