The Skinny Boys – Jockbox Rap Attack World Premiere Feb 1986 [REMASTERED]

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Listening back to these Rap Attack World Premiere power-plays is precisely what RRR is all about. The excitement of hearing ‘World Premiere’ or ‘Exclusive’ stings and drops has stained our brains to the point that a chosen few of us remember the placement of those drops to this day when we hear the original tracks. That’s some pretty powerful shit that the FCC could never regulate.

Just tuning in with the knowledge that whatever was played at the top of a show was brand new, was exciting enough back then [Yeah, course there’d be exclusives during the sets, but at least in the case of the iconic Capital Rap Show in London, the opening of a broadcast was always dipped in gold]. Thousands of people tuned into these weekly shows religiously, and globally, whether it was DJ Red Alert, Chuck Chillout, a Capital Rap Show from London or a Rap Attack with Super-Producer Marley Marl and Mr Magic.

The Skinny Boys – Jockbox Rap Attack World Premiere Feb 1986

It’s crazy short, but it’s so so dope. Marleys’ near-perfect mixing was so inventive, and in terms of creating a soundtrack for so many of us, an absolute blessing to be able to share again.

The World Premiere is from a group called The Skinny Boys, in particular, the track Jockbox. It’s from a classic alblum called Weightless, it sold well within the Hip-Hop community, and was considered far from novelty. The tape is dated 1985, but as far as we can tell, this World Premiere dates back to February 1986. The group went through alotta industry BS over the years, you can read about that over at Unkut. Shouts to Robbie as ever.

As well as the World Premiere, Marley takes it upon himself to tease the listeners with a back & forth ‘Mastermix’ of the seminal MC Shan track The Bridge, and the Honey Drippers Impeach the President, just doublin up for the hell of it. Magic also mentions a competition for aspiring Rappers ! As casual as it was to press play and record way way back, restoring these specials in 2019 allows us to educate the younger listeners and vibe off these dusty classic sounds all over again, giving a generation of us a snapshot of our youth. So HUMUNGANOID propers go out to Eric Johnson for having the prescience to record the show, and for hooking us up with the tape.


Some readers might recognise the track from the Comedy Central hit show Workaholics. To series creator Blake Anderson we say thank you, we hope the real performers and writers of Jockbox got their slice, as opposed to that Mark and Rhonda buSHIT we heard about ! And also, if you didn’t pick this, and assuming that your Music Supervisors [Who dont look like their in their 40s either] didnt choose it, how come such a powerful chunk of the tune ended up in the credits ?

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