Dave Pearce – Fresh Start to the Week 24 January 1988 [Nite FM 1st Birthday & Derek B Interview] Remastered

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This recording is the 1st Birthday/ Anniversary celebration of Nite FM on BBC Radio Londons’ Fresh Start to the Week Hip-Hop show, presented by the legendary Dave Pearce. UK Rap star Derek B features in interview, and im unaware of any other radio interview recordings with the RUSH recording artist, so this is a bit of an exclusive [Sidenote: Apparently Derek AKA EZQ co-wrote the Anfield Rap]. Sadly, Mr Boland, who by all accounts was a thoroughly decent chap, is no longer with us. He passed away in 2009 but im sharing this recording as a throwback snap-shot for his many fans as well as his nearest an’ dearest, to once again celebrate his talent and spirit.

Dave Pearce - 24 Jan 1988 Nite FM 1st Birthday J-Card Part 1 Outer

Dangerous Dave is joined in the studio for some P Factor, by Mr Magic of Rap Attack/ Juice Crew fame, Derek B, and at the end of the show, for a born-day singalong, by Gary Crowley, Gilles Peterson & Jeff Young. I included the ‘Special Party’  singalong, and the successive tunes, even though Daves’ show had ended at Midnight.

Dave Pearce - 24 Jan 1988 Nite FM 1st Birthday Part 1 Shell

You can hear a shard of the World Famous Supreme Teams’ WHBI show being used as a jingle at the start of this recording, the tunes are just classic 1988, and after the Divine Force track, Dave comments that ‘UK Fresh is gonna happen in 88/ as long as a few MPs dont interfere‘. Following the KAOS classic he informs the listeners that an NME piece claims the ‘Hammersmith Odeon, Astoria and Town & Country Club’ have been making statements about banning Rap shows and rejecting availability of their venues due to graffiti and violence. And before the Spoonie Gee cut, he also informs the audience that a Channel 4 documentary about Hip-Hop is being aired at 11.30pm on Thursday of that week, apparently it’s gonna be called Brim Comes Bombing into Britain‘.

Dave Pearce - 24 Jan 1988 Nite FM 1st Birthday Part 2 Shell

There are some pauses on this recording, but not that many. Sadly, there is also a little bit of tuning interference, nothing fades out too badly, but varying levels are noticeable.

Bonus novelty bit: Keep an ear out for a phone Rap by someone by the name of Silver Bullet.

Jus Badd – Free Style
RJ Scratch Attack:
Audio Two – Make it Funky
Lord Supreme & DJ Groove – Get Busy
Mikey D – I Get Rough
Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters – We’re Back Y’all
Sweet Tee – It’s Like That Y’all
Non-Stop – Keep ‘Em Steppin’
Spoonie Gee – I’m All Shook Up
Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul [Double Trouble Remix]
Divine Force – Holy War
Asher D & Daddy Freddy – Brutality
RJ Scratch Attack:
Antionette – I Got an Attitude
DJ Cash Money – Play it Kool
De La Soul – Freedom of Speak
Bomb the Bass – Megablast
KAOS – Crank up the Bass
Hijack – Style Wars
Witch Doctor – Takin’ No Shorts
De La Soul – Plug Tunin
Mic Break w/ Mr Magic
Extra Curricular – Super Trooper
Mic Break
Sweet Daddy Ceville – Partners In Crime
Mic Break w/ Mr Magic
Run DMC – Runs’ House
Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Faith
Derek B – Good Groove
Derek B – Interview
Kid n Play – Do This My Way
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – New Kids on the Block
Dezo Daz – It’s my Turn
Mic Break [feat Silver Bullet Rapline phone-in].
Happy Birthday singalong with Gary Crowley, Gilles Peterson & Jeff Young in the studio
Public Enemy – Miuzi Weights a Ton
Chuck D Phone Shout-Out
The Temptations – Look at What you Started
Gary Crowley – Mark Shaw [Then Jericho] Phone call
Then Jerico – The Motive
Marrs – Pump Up The Volume

Big shouts to Deejay Mek an’ Justin Winks !

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