DJ Red Alert Goes Berserk Full 3 Hour Show – 98.7 Kiss FM Saturday 22 April 1989 [REMASTERED]

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This is a full 3 Hour DJ Red Alert Goes Berserk show from one of the legendary Saturday night mastermixes on 98.7 Kiss FM. It’s one of the most iconic DJs and shows in the ancestry of Hip-Hop and Rap on the airwaves, Kool DJ Red Alert. When the pioneers talk about the golden area of Rap on the radio, Mr Magic and Kool DJ Red Alert are arguably the first names on peoples lips. Along with co-presenters Diane King and Jeff Foxx, take yourself back to April 1989. On a nostalgic aural trip back to one of the most iconic DJs and shows in the ancestry of Hip-Hop and Rap on the airwaves. To springtime in New York, it’s 1989 FFS !

As well as archetypal Rap classics from the Jungle Brothers, the Juice Crew, MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D, Chubb Rock and alot more great music, keep an ear out for the ‘station identification’ drops from Chris Rock, Super DJ Clark Kent, the Shirt Kings, the Violators crew and Black Rock N Ron. And ads for Coors Light, White Castle as well as a McDonalds Scrabble Competition, who knew the two would go hand in hand ?! dj-red-alert-wrks-kiss-fm-22-april-1989-tape-1DJ Red AlertApologies in advance, both tapes have been remastered and compressed to sound punchier, but they are 30 years old and both were a bit wacky in terms of quality to begin with. There are accidental record button moments, the bugged out sounds of the tape chewing, more than once, but thankfully it all sounds exactly the same way it did 30 years ago. Make a statement and play this out the window on a sunny afternoon. Alternatively, play it at any club, disco, lounge, house basement or block party, car stereo, stoop, or at any other social

Nerd-note: Red Alert talks about clubbing in London with the Jungle Brothers, 45 King, Shante, Kane and others over the Easter period in the weeks previous to this broadcast. Evidently, this was the period when the JBs and others were doing shows in the UK, and when Simon Harris presented and recorded the Hustlers Convention LP with DJ Mark the 45 King etc.

Red Alert Goes Berzerk Intro
Crankin It Up Like This ID
Jungle Brothers ID
Request Lines Are Now Open ID
Lady G – Nuff Respect
Special Ed – Heds And Dreds
DJ Red Alert Goes Berzerk ID
Asher D & Daddy Freddy – Rough & Rugged
Jimbrowski ID
Red Alert ID
Jungle Brothers/ Tony D ID
Pampidoo – Synthesizer Voice
KRS One Mad Hits ID
Just-Ice ID
Just-Ice – Desolate One
Jungle Brothers – Im Gonna Do Ya
Queen Latifah & Reds’ Little Sister Tonya ID
Queen Latifah – Wrath of My Madness
Poppy Dons House ID
De La Soul ID
Chubb Rock – The Grammys
Chill Rob G ID
Melle Mel & Van Silk – What’s The Matter With Your World?
Shinehead – Gimme No Crack
Lakim Shabazz – Dont Try Us
Michie Mee – On This Mic
DJ Cash Money & Marvelous – Real Mutha For Ya

Polly-O String Cheese
Walt ‘Baby’ Love Countdown with Paula Abdul
McDonalds Scrabble Comp
Kelly’s Temp Recruitment
White Castle
Bobby Brown Tour & After-Party
Request Lines Are Now Open
Kwame – The Man We All Know And Love [Instr]
Wild Wild West Crew ID
Violators ‘Im Gettin Mines’ ID
Lee Simmons ID
Daryll from Violators Propmaster ID
Juice Crew – The Symphony
YZ – In Control of Things [Instr]
Black Rock N’ Ron ID
Super DJ Clark Kent ID
Reds’ Little Sister Tonya ID
YZ – In Control of Things
Mr. Biggs – Standing on the Verge
Big Daddy Kane – I’ll Take You There
BDP – Jimmy ID
45 King Special ID
MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D ID
MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D – Knock ‘Em Out Sugar Ray
See Ya ID
Native Tongues ‘Licking’ ID
De La Soul – Buddy
Jungle Brothers 2 Watts Transistor ID
Jungle Brothers – Straight Out The Jungle
Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip – In Time
Kool G Rap – Road To The Riches
Chill Rob G – Court Is In Session
Lil Red Alert – We Can Do This
45 King Special ID
Talk Break

White Castle Doubles
Coors Light
Unknown Bed
Talk Break
Request Lines Are Now Open ID
Freak L – When The Pen Hits The Paper
Percee P – Let The Homicides Begin
Chris Rock IDs
Salt N Pepa ID
Salt N Pepa – I Gotcha
K9 Posse – This Beat Is Military
Kid N Play ID
Kid N Play – Rollin Wit Kid N Play
Violators ‘Master of Props’ ID
MC Almond Joy & Shirt Kings ID
Slick Rick – Children’s Story
JVC Force Promo
Stezo – It’s My Turn
190 & Red Alert Stay Frosty ID
Propmaster ID
NMC & ADJ – Messiah
BDP – Jack Of Spades
Kev-E-Kev & AK-B ‎– Keep On Doin
EPMD – Im Housin
Stop The Violence Movement – Self Destruction
Outro with DJ Red Alert, Diane King & Jeff Foxx

Huge props to the Propmaster. Photos and cutting from a Hannah Ford interview and article in Soul Underground magazine from the same month.

Photo Courtesy of Oliver Lim ©

Red Alert - Soul Underground Article

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