Mad Skillz Bundle [Live in London – 1996/ Westwood 1FM Rap Show – 1996/ DJ Evil Dee Monday Night Flavor Mix HOT97 – 1995]

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1. Mad Skillz Live @ Flavour of The Month, Subterania, London – 7 March 1996

PrintMad Skillz Live @ Flavor of The Month March 1996 - JCARDFrom a jam at Subterania in London from 7 March 1996, this tape is a promo item, as opposed to the DJ 279, Choice FM radio broadcast of the show. It’s a live set from arguably the finest freestyle MC of the 90s, maybe to this day. Mainly cos he is funny, and bringin humour to a stage or radio show was a skill not many could pull of during the period. Brixtons’ finest Fallacy makes an appearance, challenging [and matching] Skillz during an on-stage competition where he takes first prize after watching other challengers slope off the stage with their tail between their legs. The self-proclaimed Funk Monkey recognises the ‘Groundbreaker’ as a major talent, understandable with gully rhymes like ‘Try to test me, cos im from the South, now ya stood there with my cum drippin from ya mouth’. Mad Skillz is joined by UK DJ Cutmaster Swift and fellow Supafriend, N-Tense. A DAT machine jumps during the opening seconds of Nod Factor, Skillz’ biggest hit. Swift only has the remix on vinyl so the MC with the extra abstract rhyme patterns spits the track the old-fashioned way, alongside a random beatbox from the crowd.

It’s the playful and comedic gift of gab that the Virginian MC displays on the freestyles that make this set an absolute gem. EG. ‘The world has a fresh MC shortage, and niggas wanna flex but it’s too late, cos I know niggas that woulda kissed they sister to get my tape before the due date’….

Freestyle over Ultra – Funky
Skillz in ’95 over Busta – Whoo-Hah
Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle over 45 King – Red Alert
Crowdwork over BDP & various tunes
Move Ya Body
Vowel movement
Nod Factor Dat crashes then Skillz rhymes it with a random beatbox from the crowd.
Crowdwork over Wu & various tunes


2. Westwood 1FM Rap Show – Mad Skillz & N-Tense – 8 March 1996



Mad Skillz runs through the Top 10 at 10…..we only pressed play & record at #9.

9. Erick Sermon – Welcome
8. Broadway – Must Stay Paid
Mic Break / Mad Skillz [Freestyles over Fugees – How Many Mics]
7. Lox & Biggie – You’ll See
Mic Break/ Phone call freestyles [Incl Fallacy]
6. Ghostface – Motherless Child
5. LL Cool J – Doin It
Mic Break/ Phone call freestyles
4. Smoothe Tha Hustler – Hustlers Theme
Mic Break [Release the Groove/ Handspun]
3. Fugees – Killin Me Softly
Mic Break/ Phone call freestyles [Incl Major – Dip n Sniff test]
2. MC Lyte – Keep On
Mic Break/ Phone call freestyles
1. Busta – Whoo-Hah
Skillz Freestyles over Whoo-Hah for about 10 mins…
Freestyle feat Masta Ace, Cella Dwellas & Mad Skillz [Pre-rec]


3. Mad Skillz & DJ Evil Dee HOT97 Monday Night Flavor Mix Show – 24 July 1995

PrintEvil Dee Monday Night Flavor Mix Show - Mad Skillz 24 July 1995 Shell

Another radio spot with bonus freestyle from the week before the Nod Factor was released, the show is sponsored by Big Beat Recording artist Junior Mafia. Humunganoid shouts to DJ MK for the original tape back in the day.

Guru & Chaka Khan – Watch What You Say
Kid n Play ID
D&D All-Stars – 1, 2 Pass It
Lost Boyz – Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz
Method Man & Redman – How High
Cella Dwellas – Good Dwellas
Lin Que – Let it Fall
Mic Break
DJ Krush & CL Smooth – Only the Strong Survive
Serch ID
Junior Mafia – Players Anthem [Drop out]
AZ – Rather Unique
Mary J Blige – Im Goin Down [Remix]
Heavy D ID
AZ – Sugarhill
Mic Break
HOT97 Old SChool All-Star Weekend Promo
Mic Break w/ Mad Skillz [Nod Factor released August 1st, NEXT Tuesday]
Mad Skillz – Nod Factor
Il Al Skratch ID
Mad Skillz Freestyle
Mad Skillz – Skillz in 95
Pete Rock CL ID
Jeru – Frustrated Nigga
Artifacts – Dynamite Soul
Nuttin Nyce ID
Liks – Next Level [Diamond D Remix]
Mic Break
Crooklyn Dodgers 95 – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
Groove Theory – Tell Me [Acapulco] blend
Ice Cube ID
Mortal Kombat SFX
Das EFX – Real Hip-Hop
Ahmad ID
Were Gonna Bounce One Time to the Beat Party Break

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