World’s Famous Supreme Team – W-H-B-I 105-POINT-9 F-M

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35 YEARS AGO, this month, the World’s Famous Supreme Team were an entry point for shedloads of us British and Irish kids, birthing a culture and a lifetime of interest, let’s face it, WFST [and my favourite electronic pioneers, Trevor Horn and The Art Of Noise] were the sound of Buffalo Gals !

Duck Rock was released in Jan 1983, alongside the Special Party Mix with Malcolm McLaren! and the World Famous Supreme Team radio show. On the promotional video for Duck Rock, Malcolm McLaren facetiously referred to Trevor Horn as ‘A modern producer who’s been producing alot of catastrophies/ a beady little fella’, but the whole concept wouldnt have gone anywhere without Trevors’ vision. And the WORLD FAMOUS werent just about See Divine, Just Allah with their conscious on-air personas and their catchy tunes. Watch this vid for the Duck Rock Mini-LP track D’ya like Scratchin’ / Buffalo Gals very closely and remember that the box, the sleeve and the backdrops for the vid of Duck Rock were designed and created by graffiti legends Keith Haring and Dondi White, the station they were on, WHBI 105.9, and their call signs are right there, on the box. Crazy Legs from Rock Steady even makes an appearance on the back of the sleeve FFS !

These gems are why RRR does what it does. We celebrate the influence of Rap and Hip-Hop on the airwaves.


These are nuggets of info that influenced a generation. RRR dont wanna forget that, or the music, no matter how long ago it was. Yeh of course Malcolm was a conduit, as he tapped into somethin he wanted to profit of, but he unquestionably had a vision of bringing these incredible talents to a world subjected to the ‘bland, boring, redundant sounds of the modern world’. Malcolm McLaren changed the lifes of so many of us here in the UK and Ireland.

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