Boogie Down Productions & KRS1 – Nah Go Commercial 1989 [Unreleased track]

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This one is for the KRS completists…

As well the live sets, Tim used to play rough versions of forthcoming albums off tape, and this is one of those tracks that never made it to the finished Ghetto Music LP. An unreleased track from, as Tim describes them, the ‘ALMIGHTY Boogie Down Productions crew’ with a cut called ‘Nah Go Commercial’….This just reminds me that the majority of the 2017 generation of MCs and Rappers chump themselves.

‘I’ll never crossover with the lyrics I write, or the realistic music I make.

Cos the crossover crowd wanna dream all day, while the ghetto crowd must stay awake.

But it always happens, someone starts Rappin and they wrap up they minds with glamour. But KRS stays real, instead of eatin caviar, me eat red snapper’


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