Westwood Capital Rap Show – 24 March 1990

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This one is a unique yet perfectly representative Capital Rap Show from 24 years ago courtesy of Dave Smith.

Public Enemy & 3rd Bass are up in the Capital studios.

Flav rhymes over Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man as it plays on-air and then gets involved with Serch in a round of mother jokes, Tim gets nervous. Chuck is exhausted, he leaves after some real talk with Tim. Serch hangs out in the studio and proceeds to get loose with Tim after everyone else leaves. Sadly no freestyles, just Serch with a jones for the jabber. The tunes are good too: EPMD, Paris, 45 King Remix of David Bowies’ Fame and a cheeky Ultra demo. It’s only an hour long but it’s another one to grow on.

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