Mixmaster Mike – Unidentifried Essential Mixtape 1999

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The addition of a segment of Rap radio freestyle action is the reason for remastering and posting this today, and to highlight just how much of a dominant force Rap radio was in the 90’s.

Ex-Invisibl Skratch Pikl and World Champion DJ Mixmaster Mike [An American] thought it’d be a good idea to chuck in a short freestyle segment from a Westwood show [British radio] on the B-Side of this tape [around the 51 min mark], he was right. Rahzel mucks around with some inhuman Wu based beatbox business, some iconic Art of Noise beats, and generally sets the tone for a classic session in the 1FM studio with RZA, members of the Roots and DJ Hurricane.

Unidentifried Essential is undoubtedly one of the best mixtapes of all time, specifically for its insanely and impatiently inventive nature, and of course because it ignored the mixtape ‘format’. MMM created a mixtape which is all over the place in terms of music, but still has heads noddin constantly when its on.

Shouts to DJ Eclipse, Richy @ Carhartt and Picasso @ TWS.

Mixmaster Mike - Unidentifried Essential Front Cover

The inner J-Card on this is banoodles, ROCK STEADY REPRESENT !!

Mixmaster Mike - Unidentifried Essential Inside Cover

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