Mixmaster Mike – Unidentifried Essential Mixtape 1999

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The addition of a segment of Rap radio freestyle action is the reason for remastering and posting this today, and to highlight just how much of a dominant force Rap radio was in the 90’s.Rahzel mucks around with some inhuman Wu based beatbox business, some iconic Art of Noise beats, and generally sets the tone for a classic session in the 1FM studio with RZA, members of the Roots and DJ Hurricane.

Ex-Invisibl Skratch Pikl and World Champion DJ Mixmaster Mike chucks in a short freestyle segment from a Westwood show on the B-Side of this tape [around the 51 min mark], he was right.

Unidentifried Essential is undoubtedly one of the best mixtapes of all time, mainly cos it ignored the mixtape ‘format’. MMM created a mixtape which is all over the place in terms of music. It’s Rad.

Shouts to DJ Eclipse, Richy @ Carhartt and Picasso @ TWS.


The J-Card on this is banooks, take note of the tape covers, ROCK STEADY REPRESENT !!


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