Major Force & DJ Grandmaster Richie Rich – Technics Present The 1990 MixMag/Kiss FM Mastermixes

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From a Kiss FM branded magazine cover-mount CD, from the December 1990 issue of Mixmag, here are a couple of Hip Hop/ Rap based mixes featuring Japans Major Force crew, and a rare mix by Grandmaster Richie Rich from London. As you can see, each mix on the disc featured an individual record label.

Judge Jules was never a Rap DJ, but he did a decent job of blending a bunch of Major Force tracks into this mix. Gee Street Records was the home of the Jungle Brothers and the Stereo MCs back in 1990 and the Richie Rich blend is made up of tracks from Gee Street Records back catalogue including a couple from respected homegrown outfit from London, the Outlaw Posse.

I’d be interested to know if this was in fact, as Mixmag state on the sleeve, the first CD mix available free from a ‘music lifestyle’ magazine. The sleeve was some ‘cut out and keep’ action from the pages of the magazine.

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