Rap Summit with Howard Stern on WXRK – 19 March 1997 [Feat Kool Herc/ Caz/ Chubb Rock/ Melle Mel/ Luke Skyywalker and more].

Broadcast the day after Biggies funeral in March 1997, wind-up DJ Howard Stern raises the blood pressure, cos thats his antagonistic schtick, and this on-air panel, created to discuss the so-called beef between left and right coasts may make the blood boil, but if you can briefly overlook the ignorance of the man, it is an interesting snap-shot of the period, and a stark reminder of the manufactured East vs West hostility. Its also proof positive that Rappers and Rap fans werent paying any attention to it. It also reminds us that a truly hostile media were all up in Raps ass a long long time ago.

Studio Guests in order of appearance:

Pebblee-Poo [Master Don and the Def Committee]
Kangol Kid [UTFO]
Grandmaster Caz [Cold Crush Brothers]
D9s ?
Chubb Rock
Melle Mel
Luke Skyywalker
Kool Herc
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E
Dat Nigga Daz [ Dogg Pound Gangstas]

In typical friction based fashion, Stern had no good reason to present a discussion about the differences within a culture he evidently knew nothing about, and makes a tool out of himself for trying, ‘You think Notorious BIG got killed because he was making fun of 2Pac’ ? He typically refers to Tupac, as Two Pack. And then has the tenacity and disrespect to say, ‘Whatever’ when Caz attempts to correct the pronounciation. RRR are sharing this because its refreshing to hear pioneers like Melle Mel school [Stern and] the listeners on why ‘Battling’ within the culture had been completely misrepresented and misunderstood by the media at the time, including Stern on this very show.

The guests in the studio were an odd mix of left and right coast, park jam pioneers and Full Force associates amongst others: Grand Master Caz, a typically erudite and collected Chubb Rock, Kool Herc, the Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E, female Rap pioneer Pebblee-Poo, one of the funniest men in Hip-Hop; the legendary Grand Master Melle Mel, Luther Campbell, Kangol Kid from UTFO and someone by the name of D9s? Dat Nigga Daz from the DPG also calls in to the show and gets a bit cantankerous with Herc and Melvin.

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