Dave Pearce – A Fresh Start to the Week [Feat Public Enemy live in London] 28 December 1987

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Long before Dangerous Dave Pearce was rockin at 140 BPM, he was amongst the royalty of Rap radio on the airwaves of London town back in the 80s. Listening back to Dave and his DJ Roger Johnson scratch and mix their way through some of the most energising Hip-Hop from late 1987 is a blessing, thanks to Ruse One and Arjan/ Dutch, so trumungous propage to them for this gem of a show [which RRR have edited and remastered for your listening pleasure].

87 Def Jam Tour

The corny drops are fun, the tracks are classics and the general feel is goosebump inducing. The playlist [avail on the Soundcloud] is great, but the broadcast of arguably the most historic live Rap ever [thanks to its insertion as the opener to Public Enemys Nation of Millions LP] allows us to hear virtually the entire show again in all its deafening, whistle underlying glory [RRR urges that the ‘whistle-posse’ is one 80s trend that does NOT require a comeback].

Bobcat, Cut Creator & LL Cool J were the headline act with Eric B & Rakim in support of them, but its odd to think back to a time when PE werent second, or even first choice for top billing for a Def Jam Tour, it was November 1987 after all. Regardless, their position as the biggest Rap group ever is unquestionable listening back through these seminal tracks. The energy is evident on stage at Londons Hammersmith Odeon, Chuck referring to London as the ‘capital of Hip-Hop world’. Flavor Flav as usual is hopped up on Hip-Hop goofballs sprinting from one side of the stage to the other droppin mad throwback terminology like ‘Cold Medina’ in his quintessential white sweatshirt. The iconic ‘Yall Wanna hear that beat right/If Y’all Really Like to Rock the Funky Beats’ lines are here amongst many many more chunks utilised on the Nation of Millions LP. Even Flavor doing his ‘god damn dance’ much to the pre-staged hindrance of Chuck and Griff is here with Chuck dropping rhymes from Terminator X to the Edge of Panic over a Paul McKasty Dub !!

For more Dave Pearce check out here or listen to Gilles Peterson explaining how the clubbing information of the day was shared, pre-Twitter. http://goo.gl/7ExuK

For the full insight behind the evidently exhausting Tour, check the full ‘First London Invasion Tour 1987’ below.

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