Westwood – Capital Rap Show 14 July 1989 Full 2 Hour Show [REMASTERED]

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img532I was 20 when I taped this. Im 50 now and still noddin my head to it. That’s a testimony to the quality of the recording and the music from the period.

It was recorded at my mates big Brothers flat where we stayed in London, I was the oldest outta my mates from Belfast. It was directly across the street from the Town & Country Club, were we’d just seen the KRS/ BDP show the night before.

When the huge crowds of bboys and Londons Hip-Hop community were leaving the show, we were drinkin Bud on the roof and lookin out the window at them sportin their Sunday best, is imprinted inside my head.

There’s a World Premiere of Big Daddy Kane, and 120 minutes of real-deal UK Rap radio from the Summer of 1989, I travelled to London from Belfast twice that year for gigs and pickin up kicks. There’s a Redhead Kingpin appearance,  the rest of the set is ill. Schoolly & She Rockers never sounded so good. Chorus Line was ‘Brand new pressure’… stay gold ponyboy stuff. This is a stupid-fresh tape. That’s right, I said it.

img534 - Copy

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